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NZ Defence Force Upgraded MHOVs


NZ Defence Force Upgraded MHOVs

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Check out the progress being made to the NZ Armys MHOV upgrade project which adds armour and firepower to their capability.
The MHOV provides the Army with a modern military transport fleet with significantly increased levels of protection, increased payload capacity paired with a heavy vehicle cross country capability not matched by the Mercedes fleet. In addition to armour protection for the crew, MHOV can be fitted with communications and a machinegun for self defence.
Cross country driver training on Mt RuapehuThe MHOV fleet has a mix of 4 x 4 – 6 tonne (HX60), 6 x 6 – 9 tonne (HX58) and 8 x 8 – 15 tonne (HX77) variants along with some heavy equipment transporters planned to be capable of moving 30 tonne. The fleet is fitted with a mix of integrated Hiab cranes and self recovery winches, increasing flexibility on the battlefield and allowing self load/unload. Whilst many trades across the Army will get to operate the MHOV, the Driver trade will primarily be charged with being the experts.
MHOV is expected to be fully introduced to service by December 2017 and will represent a significant step up in capability and technology for the New Zealand Army and New Zealand Defence Force.

NZ Defence Force Upgraded MHOVs
NZ Defence Force Upgraded MHOVs

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