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Rafael SpotLite M


Rafael SpotLite M

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SpotLite M is a combat proven light-weight electro-optical HFD (Hostile Fire Detection) system for day and night 360° detection, location and classification of small arms, RPGs and ATGMs.
SpotLite M is a mobile life saving system for the crew and nearby surrounding forces by enabling slew to cue capability to the target.
SpotLite M can direct jammers, EO payloads, radars, cannons, weapon stations, etc. either installed on own platform or on other platforms by C².
Real-time 360° day/night multi detection
Accurate location of threats
Classification of threats
Triggering counter measures, quickly closing the sensor-to-shooter loop
Detection range exceeds effective range of aiming weapon
High probability of Detection (PD), with Minimal False Alarms (FAR’s)
Peripheral situational awareness (SAW)

Rafael SpotLite M
Rafael SpotLite M

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