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The KRAKEN Disorientation Device

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The KRAKEN Disorientation Device

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The KRAKEN disorientation device is an advanced motion system with multiple capabilities, operated by the Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. The KRAKEN disorientation device is a highly versatile, advanced motion system with multifunctional capabilities. It replicates the extreme motions and physiological stressors experienced by operators and occupants of various forms of vehicles and vessels. In the area of aviation, the GL-6000 replicates the motion characteristics of current and future generation aircraft, not replicated by conventional flight simulators and motion platforms. The KRAKEN disorientation device supports the varied motion profiles required in training and research efforts that address operational effectiveness, human performance and safety in moving vehicles. For example, in aviation, areas of application include but are not limited to Spatial Disorientation (SD), loss of control in flight (LOCI), upset recovery scenarios, human factors research, mishap recreation, as well as many others.
Beyond human applications, it can also support many product development and equipment research initiatives.

The KRAKEN Disorientation Device
The KRAKEN Disorientation Device

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