Russian Navy Project A223 ampibious landing craft

The Russian Navy will receive the newest Project A223 landing craft. They will be intended for the rapid delivery of troops and equipment onto an unimproved shore both on open water and in shallow ice. Unlike their predecessors, the Project 21820 Dugon-class landing craft, they will be able not only to be loaded ashore, but also to pick up cargoes from amphibious assault ships.
the Project A223 ships are considered as light assault landing craft for mixed fleet forces. The ship will be used for transporting the landing force both from shore to ship and from ship to shore. The final decision on the ships will be made after consideration of the tender documentation and the decision of the special commission. The Project A223 landing ships were designed by the Zelenodolsk Shipyard.
The length of the Project A223 landing craft is about 35 meters, the width is about 7 meters, and the draft is about one meter. The craft is powered by two water-jets, which allow the loaded craft to move at a speed of about 40 knots. Thanks to its glider layout with two transverse swept steps, two integral forward shoulders, a variable rise of bottom in the midships and the transom, a controlled bottom inceptors system and water jet propulsion, the A223 project provides a rational combination of speed, seaworthiness, optimal fuel efficiency and reduced vertical Gs on the wave.
The ships using this effect are also called “levitating.” The Project A223 landing craft remain seaworthy in sea state 5, which allows them to operate practically in any conditions. Depending on the version, the ship takes on board up to 150 marines or one to three T-90 tanks, or four to seven BTR-82A APCs.
The Project A223 craft can well compete with air-cushion vessels because these craft were developed on the basis of passenger vessels. Their main advantage is high speed and the pace of a landing operation depends on it. In addition, they have small dimensions, so they are designed for use from large landing ships like the French Mistral LHD or the domestic Lavina amphibious assault ship being developed in Russian Navy.

Russian Navy Project A223 ampibious landing craft

Russian Navy Project A223 ampibious landing craft


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