GDELS Pandur 6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Pandur is a 6×6 armoured vehicle personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured by the Austrian Defence Company Steyr-Daimler-Puch now a subdivision of General Dynamics European Land Systems.
All variants use the same chassis configured in one of two basic models, “A” Model with an extended centre roof or “B” Model with a flat roof design. The various configurations include: Armoured Personnel Carriers fitted with light and heavy machine-gun cupolas and turrets including the AV-30 and USMC Upgunned Weapon Station; Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Reconnaissance Vehicles, including the MultiGun Turreted System mounting 25mm, 30mm or 35mm cannons; Combat Support Vehicles including 9Omm, anti-tank, and mortar systems; and Service Support Vehicles including ambulance, engineer, logiDesign features to reduce the thermal signature of the vehicle include a thermally insulated exhaust system and the use of infra-red absorbing paint. The design of vehicle surfaces has been computer optimised to minimise the radar cross section of the vehicle. The noise signature has been reduced with engine and exhaust silencing systems.stics and command and control.
Armour protection against 12.7mm weapon systems is provided in the frontal 30° arc and against 7.62mm calibre all round. A spall liner and mine protection carpet are installed to minimise the secondary effects of armour penetration and mines. The drivetrain and steering linkages are protected within the armoured hull.
The Pandur vehicle is powered by a Steyr WD 612 diesel engine, rated at 195kW (265hp). The hydraulically controlled automatic Allison transmission has torque converter and lockup clutch. The vehicle’s computer system gives electronic control of systems such as gear locks and clutches, maintenance and repair diagnostic system, with visual and acoustic warnings. The two steered axles allow manoeuvrability after damage to the first axle. A tire inflation system gives optimised traction on all terrain due to continuously adjustable tire pressure. Maximum speed is 110km/h and cruising range is 650km.
Currently, GDELS maintains more than 3,000 PANDUR platforms worldwide. More than 1,000 of these are operated by NATO member countries.

GDELS Pandur 6x6 Armoured Personnel Carrier

GDELS Pandur 6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier

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