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RTA Air Tactical Operations Competition 2017


RTA Air Tactical Operations Competition 2017

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Royal Thai Air Force Air Tactical Operations Competition 2017
The Royal Thai Air Force has one of the longest history of any air forces in the world. The foundation in aviation was laid since the year 1911 and has continued to prosper to the present days.The command and control of their missions is carried out by the Royal Thai Air Defence System (RTADS), said by some to be one of the worlds most advanced and efficient air defence systems. It has been developed in three phases, the last of which was completed in 2000.
RTADS Phase I covers the central, eastern and north-eastern regions, with Reporting Posts at Phe, Khao, Phanom and Rung City. It is equipped with two AN/FPS-117 3D radars, two Martello 743 3D radars and one AN/TPS-43F radar. It is linked to the RTAF’s HQ via a myriad of wireless devices, including radios operating under Have Quick/Link 11/TADTL-A secure systems provide a datalink capability with aircraft operating over its zone of responsibility.
RTADS Phase II covers the western, northern and again the north-eastern regions, with Reporting Posts at Phu Man, Kliao, Yai, Udon Thani and Phitsanulok Phukhieo. Finally, RTADS Phase III covers the southern region, with Reporting Posts at Samui, Phuket and Hat Yai. Its radar equipment is limited to just three AN/FPS-130X 3D radars, but the combat operations within its zone of responsibility are overviewed by a version of the Swedish-made StriC, designed to operate with the recently received Saab S1OOB Argus AEW&C aircraft and the JAS 39 Gripen fighters.
In addition to the RTADS, the Royal Thai Air Force also has two mobile radar stations equipped with Giraffe 180 radars, 34 telecommunications centers, and 31 telecommunication relay stations across the country. It should be noted that all information gathered by the RTADS is managed by JADDTN software, which transmits data not only to all RTAF stations but also to the Thai Army and Navy bases and features a satellite node.
The Royal Thai Air Force procured an integrated air defence system with Gripen C/D, the ERIEYE airborne early warning system and a Command and Control C2 system including data link communication. In combination with bilateral Co-operation mainly focused on technology transfer, this will provide Thailand with the foundation for an advanced network based defence system.
Video by Skywalker Team 1997

RTA Air Tactical Operations Competition
RTA Air Tactical Operations Competition

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