BT-3F Marine Personnel Carrier

The BT-3F is a new Russian tracked amphibious armored personnel carrier, it based on on a BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicle. It lacks turret of the BMP-3F, but has a raised superstructure, similar to that of the 1V172-2 artillery control vehicle. Specially designed for operations at sea, with improved seaworthiness and buoyancy, capability to move afloat at sea state 3. The BT-3F can be launched at sea from amphibious assault ships. Its main role is to deliver marines from ship to shore under armor protection. The BT-3F is also intended to spearhead a beach and to secure coastline for ongoing troops. Once ashore the BT-3F can be used for patrolling, guard checkpoints, and carry troops and supplies further inland. In concept it is similar to the ageing Soviet BTR-50P, or the US AAV7 amphibious armored personnel carriers. The armoured vehicle is manned by three crew members and can carry up to 14 troops. The driver sits in the middle of the hull, while the commander and assistant commander seats are placed on either side of the driver. Crew enter or leave the vehicle through individual roof hatches. The troop compartment has two side doors at the rear and two roof-mounted hatches to provide entry and exit for the occupants. The BT-3F has some advantages over the current BTR-80 series armored personnel carriers, that are currently used by the Russian marines. It is much better protected, can carry twice more troops and has better off-road mobility due to its tracked configuration.

BT-3F Marine Personnel Carrier

BT-3F Marine Personnel Carrier

The BT-3F infantry fighting vehicle’s armoured hull offers all-round ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 for the occupants against 14.5mm x 114mm armour piercing ammunition rounds. Three 40mm smoke grenade launchers are provided on top of the vehicle to ensure the crew’s high survivability on the battlefield. The turret is remotely operated by the crew using a control unit located inside the vehicle. The target location information is stored in an integrated ballistic computer, which ensures high performance and firing efficiency. It can be optionally be fitted with a 14.5mm heavy machine gun mount. A 185kg DPV-T remote-controlled weapon station, armed with a 7.62mm x 54mm PKTM Kalashnikov machine gun, is installed on the roof of the vehicle to engage both fixed and moving ground-based targets. These are operated by two dismounts, seated on each side of the driver. The BT-3F retains the engine and transmission of the BMP-3. Power for the BT-3F armoured personnel carrier comes from a four-stroke, direct injection, liquid-cooled, multi-fuel, naturally aspirated UTD-29 diesel engine, which develops a power output of 500hp. The engine, which uses dry-sump lubrication system, offers a power-to-weight ratio of 26.7hp/t. Due to similar dimensions and weight, the BT-3F can be airlifted by the same military transport aircraft, that can carry the BMP-3.
BT-3F Marine Personnel Carrier

BT-3F Marine Personnel Carrier


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