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Saab Counter IED (C-IED)


Saab Counter IED (C-IED)

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Saab Counter IED (C-IED)
Saab Counter IED (C-IED)

The Saab IED simulator provides a realistic effect simulation of a detonated IED. Together with an FX device, the experience of a detonated IED simulator is striking. The simulator is available in a number of configurations suited for different types of scenarios e.g. urban and convoy training.

The C-IED Clearance Trainer (CCT) uniquely enables our collocated training advisors to provide objective feedback on individual and collective performance in the field. By using our unique and progressive feedback system within the trainer, we measure our ability to improve the individual’s use of the C-IED equipment, squad command and control, and effective employment of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Previously, this has all been done by subjective judgement by the instructor.

This additional tool provides any instructor with a far better understanding of the trainees’ level of performance, enabling highly effective training simulation and After Action Reviews (AARs) By being omnipresent throughout the C-IED training continuum – and even with the force on operations – our system and instructors can rapidly adapt to any threats and resulting counter-measures, and feed this change across the training system. CCT is unique in that it offers the very best of training and validation, and is delivered to the point of need.

Saab is a leading provider of instrumented training to the British Army’s pre-deployment training, and we train troops around the world.

Building on the success of other Saab packages, such as the Counter-IED Trainer (CCT) and GAMER system, Saab currently offers a wide range of courses spread across all aspects of counter-terrorism. Courses range from basic Life-Saving Skills, such as Driver Training and First Aid, to the more complex courses, including High-Risk Search and IED Disposal.

All courses are delivered by experienced, time-served instructors who are passionate, committed and enthusiastic about training. All instructors have extensive military experience, having served operationally around the world.

Saab currently offers courses in the following training categories:

Counterterrorism-based Awareness
Search and Security
Explosive Ordnance
Disposal Leadership and Management
Field Engineering
Life-saving Skills
CONDO Training
All training courses are Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) compliant.

Saab Counter IED (C-IED)
Saab Counter IED (C-IED)

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