Rheinmetall ADS The Active Defence System

The Rheinmetall Active Defence System (ADS) for light to heavy vehicles combines performance and innovation. ADS is able to counteract various attacks thanks to the optimal interaction between individual high-tech components. Threats are detected, assessed and intercepted in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle before they reach their target. ADS detects and neutralises threats in less than a millisecond. The Short Reaction Time (SRT) of the system is faster than the blink of an eye. This ensures protection against threats at the shortest possible distance. Unlike soft-kill systems, which neutralise the threat without destroying it, the hard-kill protection system ADS, in addition to intelligent missiles, also defends and destroys non-guided, antitank defence hand weapons such as RPG. Unlike other systems, only minor collateral damage occurs during the defence provided by the ADS.
Rheinmetall ADS The Active Defence System

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