CAESAR 8×8 self-propelled howitzer

The CAESAR (CAmion Equipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie or Truck equipped with an artillery system) is a French self-propelled 155 mm/52-calibre gun-howitzer, installed on a 6X6 truck chassis.In 16 September 2015, Nexter has unveiled the Caesar 8×8 at DSEI 2015 with high level of mobility ensured by a modified TATRA 8×8 chassis. The 8×8 Caesar being shown is fitted with a standard unarmoured forward control four-person cab, but one of the options is a fully armour protected cab. Gross vehicle weight would depend on the level of armour protection, but is about 30 tonnes. It is powered by a 410 hp diesel engine. On 14 March 2017 the CAESAR 8 X 8 was chosen to become the new artillery system of the Danish Army. 15 howitzers will be purchased and installed on Tatra 8×8 trucks. The CAESAR platform was developed by Nexter and is operated by the French, Indonesian, Saudi Arabian, Lebanon and Thai militaries.
CAESAR 8x8 self-propelled howitzer

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