HMMWV/Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS)

The Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS) is the lightest weight developed by AM General, most highly maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today. A U.S. Army standard M20 105mm cannon mounted on an M1152A1w/B2 HMMWV creating a small logistic footprint. The weapon includes the application of a digital fire control system and on board communication, eliminating the need for surveyed firing points, aiming circles, and wire lines. The 105MWS battery is organized to suppress, neutralize, and destroy both ground forces and structures in an indirect and direct fire mode. The system allows the weapon to move, shoot, and move again without relying on heavy equipment or large number of troops/logistic support. The HMMWV platform provides unparalleled off-road mobility over all types of terrain to support this mission.

HMMWV/Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS)

HMMWV/Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Weapon System (MWS)

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