NAMER IFV with 30mm Automatic Cannon

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has unveiled a new IFV version of the Israeli-made NAMER tracked APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). The new NAMER IFV is fitted with an unmanned turret armed with one 30mm automatic cannon. The NAMER is an Israeli-made APC based on the Merkava MBT (Main Battle Tank) chassis. The same turret will be fitted on the Israeli-made EITAN 8×8 armoured vehicle. the NAMER IFV shows that the turret is fitted with the TROPHY which is a military active protection system (APS) for combat vehicles. The Trophy is already installed to the latest version of the Merkava IV MBT. The TROPHY is designed and manufactured by the Israeli Company Rafael, it combines an Hostile Fire Detection (HFD) and Active Protection System (APS) which is available in two main configurations: TROPHY HV (Heavy Vehicle) and TROPHY MV (Medium Vehicle).

NAMER IFV with 30mm Automatic Cannon

NAMER IFV with 30mm Automatic Cannon


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