Indonesian Marine Corps Cavalry Regiment

The Indonesian Marine Corps is currently an integral part of the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) and sized at the military corps level unit as the naval infantry and main amphibious warfare force of Indonesia. Indonesian Marine Corps is heavily influenced by United States Marine Corps (USMC) but signature weapon available to the Marine Cavalry Regiment, though perhaps more associated with the Russian Naval Infantry armored vehicles and doctrine. Indonesian Marine Corps has two Cavalry Regiment. Every regiment consist of one Marine Amphibious Landing Vehicle Battalion (BTR-50, AMX-10P, BVP-2, LVT-7A1 and BTR-80 A) , one Marine Amphibious Tank Battalion (PT-76, PT-76 (M), AMX-10 PAC 90, BTR-80A and BMP-3F) and one Marine Artillery Carrier Amphibious Vehicle Battalion( KAPA/K-61 and KAPA/PTS-10). Indonesian Marine Corps had more than 400 amphibious armored vehicle,
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Indonesian Marine Corps Cavalry Regiment


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