9K333 Verba surface-to-air missile MANPADS

Russian armed forces deployed 9K333 Verba surface-to-air missile MANPADS to their command post outside east Ghouta de-escalation zone in Syria, to shoot down drones. The Verba’s primary new feature is its multispectral optical seeker, using three sensors – ultraviolet, near infrared, and mid-infrared – as opposed to the Igla-S’ two. Cross-checking sensors against one another better discriminates between relevant targets and decoys, and decreases the chance of disruption from countermeasures, including lasers that attempt to blind missiles.
“9K333” is the Russian GRAU designation of the system, its US DoD designation is SA-25.
The system is in serial production for the Russian Armed Forces, with several ground forces and airborne formations receiving Verbas since 2014. It first appeared with the Ivanovo VDV division after passing Army testing in the summer of 2011 and being confirmed for production in late 2011. As of 2015, KBM has equipped the Russian army with three brigade and two divisional sets. Four VDV units received Verba in 2014-15. MANPADS “Verba” passed state tests in 2011. Officially, it entered service in 2015. KBM signed a long term contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense to supply Verba and carries out its production. As of April 2017, 10 sets have been delivered.
9K333 Verba surface-to-air missile MANPADS


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