Review ACV 1.1 Amphibious Combat Vehicle BAE Systems and IVECO for U.S. Marine Corps

The Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV 1.1) is a program for the U.S. Marine Corps o replace the services’ current inventory of Amphibious Assault Vehicles, or AAVs – in service for decades. The new vehicle will offer more survivability than a standard AAV.
BAE Systems has long been a trusted supplier to the Marine Corps across multiple domains and has more than 70 years of experience designing and building amphibious vehicles. Our ACV 1.1 offering was born out of a combination of BAE Systems’ amphibious legacy and Iveco Defence Vehicles’ long history producing more than 30,000 multi-purpose armored vehicles. By leveraging an existing proven platform design, we’ve developed a unique prototype vehicle that was built from the start as an amphibious vehicle. But that’s not all this vehicle has to offer.
The BAE Systems’ ACV 1.1 solution has greater ship-to-shore objective capability than that of any similar vehicle in the world. In fact, we’ve already completed several sea demonstrations conducted including operating in Sea State 3 conditions. During these demonstrations, the ACV 1.1 offering proved its ability to successfully perform ship launch and recovery – an important requirement of the ACV 1.1 program.
Additionally, BAE Systems solution – equipped with a robust 690HP engine, providing a significant power increase over the Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) – has a range of more than 325 miles on land before refueling and can travel at speeds in excess of 65 miles per hour. Both sea and land performance are important capabilities for the Marines as they want to execute their missions quickly and effectively.
As threats continue to evolve worldwide, the ability to offset the range and precision of modern weapons has become increasingly challenging, making these operations more complex and dangerous. As a result, the USMC needs an ACV 1.1 solution that can protect its Marine Infantry forces in the face of these evolving threats. To meet the USMC’s survivability needs, our ACV 1.1 offering contains a blast resistant hull and energy absorbing seats.

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Review ACV 1.1 Amphibious Combat Vehicle BAE Systems and IVECO for U.S. Marine Corps

Review ACV 1.1 Amphibious Combat Vehicle BAE Systems and IVECO for U.S. Marine Corps

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