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Otokar Displays TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle at FEINDEF 2023


Otokar Displays TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle at FEINDEF 2023

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Otokar Displays TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle at FEINDEF 2023
Otokar Displays TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle at FEINDEF 2023

Otokar, Turkey’s global land systems manufacturer participates in The International Defence and Security Exhibition FEINDEF, on May 17-19, in Madrid, Spain. During the 3-day exhibition, Otokar will present TULPAR Infantry Fighting Vehicle in Hall 10. OTOKAR exhibits TULPAR armoured tracked vehicle, with 30 mm Turret. TULPAR Armoured Tracked Vehicle stands out with mobility, high firepower, and survivability features. TULPAR is designed as a multi-purpose vehicle with variants ranging from 28000 kg to 45000 kg to fully satisfy the future global requirements. Future-oriented perspective of modularity is to increase operational flexibility by using common components and a common chassis over wide range of vehicle variants. TULPAR comes in several variants that share common subsystems.

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said, “As a global player in international defence industry, we are delighted to exhibit for the first time at FEINDEF. The exhibition is particularly important for us to meet our current users from all over the world and broaden our existing co-operations in Europe. We are proud to be presenting our wide product range and distinctive capabilities in land systems here in Spain. Otokar’s military vehicles are actively in service in more than 40 countries and nearly 60 end users in different climates and geographies around the world. Our combat proven know-how in land systems and related R&D, engineering and testing capabilities as well as our wide product range put us at the forefront of the global defence industry.”

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Tulpar is a Turkish heavy infantry fighting vehicle designed by the Sakarya-based automotive manufacturer Otokar. It is named after the Tulpar, a winged horse in Turkic mythology. The vehicle has been designed to augment Turkey’s new-generation Altay MBT in operations and to safely transport infantry to the front lines while providing fire support for other armored units. Even though the TSK has not formally posted an immediate requirement for a new infantry fighting vehicle, Otokar has started the development of Tulpar along with the Altay. Indeed, Tulpar was designed by the same team that developed Altay. Tulpar was designed for the dual role of providing fire support to friendly main battle tanks and safely transporting troops in a high-threat environment.

Tested in the toughest climates and on rough terrain by different users worldwide, TULPAR boasts best-in-class ballistic and mine protection with modular armour technology and armour structure that can be configured and scaled according to threats. In addition to providing an effective solution in missions that require high fire power, TULPAR can serve in all kinds of combat environments from urban, built-up areas and light bridges to woodlands and all terrains especially soft surfaces where main battle tanks are unable to operate due to their heavy weights. TULPAR family is designed as a multi-purpose vehicle platform with its significant ballistic and mine protection and high payload capacity to meet the requirements of modern armed forces.

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