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Anschütz Delivers 58 SYNTACS Systems for Royal Saudi Naval Forces HSI-32 Interceptors


Anschütz Delivers 58 SYNTACS Systems for Royal Saudi Naval Forces HSI-32 Interceptors

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Anschütz Delivers 58 SYNTACS Systems for Royal Saudi Naval Forces HSI-32 Interceptors
Anschütz Delivers 58 SYNTACS Systems for Royal Saudi Naval Forces HSI-32 Interceptors

Anschütz has delivered integrated mission systems for navigation and Command and Control (C2) for a total of 58 HSI-32 high-speed interceptors built by the French shipyard CMN, part of CMN NAVAL shipbuilding group, for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. While the final ships in this series are about to enter service, the systems onboard the ships that have previously been delivered have already proven themselves in operation. These ships are currently undergoing an upgrade, including the integration of missiles and improved secure communication capabilities. At the centre of the Anschütz mission systems is SYNTACS, an innovative, efficient and scalable C2 solution delivered in a package with integrated navigation and communications. This gives operators on board and ashore comprehensive, unrivalled situational awareness and complete control of the mission from any workstation. The service offering for the HSI-32 includes maintenance, repair and upgrades for all system components as well as full in-service support contracts. Anschütz will work with local partners to handle customer service and transfer know-how and technology to them. Anschütz is a German manufacturer, supplier and integrator of bridge and mission systems.

“At Anschütz, we have decades of experience in service support to assist customers with training, logistics services and systems. For the HSI-32 interceptors, we have designed a customised after-sales offer. The customer can benefit from maximum uptime of our systems, backed by competent service support and full availability of spares, and upgrades to the latest features as technology advances”, said Mrs Gesa Tautz, Manager After Sales Support.

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With our mission systems based around the SYNTACS C2 system, we have designed and delivered an integrated solution that not only demonstrates outstanding performance in maritime domain awareness and coastal security, but also delivers sustainable added value to our customers”, said Dr Thomas Lehmann, Head of the Business Unit for Integrated Mission Systems at Anschütz.

While conventional systems often include navigation systems, combat systems, sensors and actuators from different manufacturers, Anschütz’s SYNTACS offers all these functions in one integrated bundle. This simplifies installation, training, as well as maintenance, and reduces the associated costs at the shipyard – ultimately, reducing the costs for the end customer as well. SYNTACS is sensor-independent and features advanced tactical target management that analyses and correlates data from multiple on-board navigation and monitoring systems. The classic navigation image is converted into a complete maritime picture, which is then made available via a common user interface for navigation and mission. In addition to primary navigational applications such as the (naval) radar and the (warship) electronic chart display and information system, SYNTACS provides a clearly structured dashboard with access to tactical navigation, mission planning and execution, as well as basic combat capabilities.

Capabilities include:
Solid-state radar for surveillance and navigation (type-approved)
Defined alarm and protection zones with integrated interception function
Seamlessly integrated electro-optical system for identification and surveillance
Integration and deployment of weapon systems
Data links for exchanging routes, targets and a common operational picture between HSI-32 units and land stations
Various software modules for mission management, mission data recording and other special use cases in the context of maritime domain awareness
Designed for remotely controlled operations
Customised life-cycle solution for C2 and navigation
Anschütz develops and integrates the mission systems according to individual customer requirements with the help of SYNTACS software modules and with the integration of third-party systems where necessary. Due to their crucial importance in operations, Anschütz navigation and mission systems are designed for high operational availability.

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