Royal New Zealand Air Force Selects Thomas Global’s Flight Displays for Boeing 757 Fleet Modernization
Royal New Zealand Air Force Selects Thomas Global’s Flight Displays for Boeing 757 Fleet Modernization

Royal New Zealand Air Force Selects Thomas Global’s Flight Displays for Boeing 757 Fleet Modernization

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) has selected Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 Series flight displays for its Boeing 757 fleet. The TFD-7000 Series displays deliver the most cost-effective and lowest risk display upgrade solution for Boeing 757, 767 and 737 aircraft. TFD-7000 Series displays provide a high-performance, cost-effective drop-in LCD retrofit that resolves critical issues around cathode ray tube (CRT) obsolescence while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and providing a growth platform for new functionality. TFD-7000 Series displays offer the only drop-in LCD solution available for Boeing 757/767 and 737 Classic aircraft. STC approvals have been received from FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, JCAB, ANAC and CAAC.

“We are honored to be selected by the Royal New Zealand Air Force and look forward to helping them achieve their missions with these important display upgrades. We greatly appreciate the RNZAF as a highly regarded military operator and are pleased to see the TFD-7000 Series becoming the new standard for both commercial and government Boeing fleets,” said Angus Hutchinson, CEO of Thomas Global Systems.


“The Royal New Zealand Air Force uses B757s for a broad range of missions, including transport, freight, cargo and troop movement roles. Equipping with TFD-7000 Series displays provides the RNZAF with the latest generation of display technology aimed at enhancing reliability and operations while minimizing flight deck modifications and making the most of their budget,” said Robert Pandis, Vice President of Military Markets for Thomas Global.

The TFD-7000 Series captures all the benefits of LCD technology in a proven solution with a growth platform for new functionality to support emerging airspace requirements, all while avoiding an extensive flight deck modification with its associated aircraft downtime and crew retraining costs. The TFD-7076/7066 LCD solution replaces legacy Collins Aerospace EDU-776/766 CRT displays currently installed on Boeing 757, 767, and 737 Classic flight decks. The TFD-7076/7066 LCD displays are both interchangeable and intermixable with the existing legacy EDU-776/766 CRT displays, are installable on overnights or at the gate, and are fully compatible with the EFIP-701 and EAP-701/3 Boeing symbol generators.

Thomas Global Systems designs, manufactures and supports highly engineered and reliable electronic systems solutions for commercial aviation, defense and other high-integrity transportation applications. For more than 65 years, Thomas Global has thrived by delivering our time-tested partners in the United States, Australia, Japan, and across the globe with trusted, innovative, and best value products and services. Thomas Global focuses on avionics, armored vehicle electronics, and specialized mission-critical electronics and training systems. Thomas Global operates high technology R&D, advanced manufacturing, and support facilities in Sydney, Australia and Irvine, California.

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