Navistar 7000-MV

Navistar 7000-MV

The Navistar 7000 series is a line of military heavy lift vehicles based on Navistar International’s WorkStar truck chassis, and produced by Navistar Defense. The truck is available in a variety of wheel (4×2, 4×4, 6×4, and 6×6) and engine configurations. The Navistar 7000-MV is powered by the same heavy duty turbo-charged diesel engine that’s made a name tackling gravel pits, landfills and rugged construction sites. Plus, it offers up to a 50-degree wheel cut for a tighter turning radius. Under the hood, the International® DT-M8 is designed for MilCOTS and light-to-medium wheeled military vehicles. It’s a reliable I-6 diesel that delivers 300 HP and 860 lb-ft of torque

Navistar 7000-MV

Navistar 7000-MV

A proven performer in the commercial and military world, the 7000-MV is a hard-working model of efficiency that’s being used in Iraq and Afghanistan today as a general troop transporter; wrecker; water tanker; petroleum, oil and lubricant vehicle; and hazardous material truck. In 2005, the US Army ordered 2900 7,000-MV for the Afghan National Army and Iraqi Ministry of Defense and an additional order of 7,000 was added in 2008. Whether carrying armaments or personnel, its reliable MaxxForce engine has the muscle to move any size load over any type of terrain.
Navistar 7000-MV

Navistar 7000-MV


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