SOFEX 2018: Raytheon – Cybersecurity and Special missions

Jane’s talks to Tom Goodman, Director of International Business Development at Raytheon about the growing role of Cybersecurity in today’s missions.
Cyber threats are a direct challenge to our customers’ missions, as they seek to expose critical data and intellectual capital. Raytheon’s cybersecurity strategy safeguards our customers and employees from possible breaches that can erode trust.
These threats also have the potential to create global security risks by disrupting power grids and critical underlying infrastructure like water, power and fuel supplies. They also can impede or halt government, military and commercial operations.
As the “internet of things” continues to expand, consumers and organizations of every size face the increased likelihood that hackers will access their information and sell it to the highest bidder — or use their connected devices to extend their reach into critical networks.
This complex challenge can’t be solved alone; solutions require multilateral leadership from governments, public companies and private institutions.
Raytheon is emerging as a world leader across every side of cyber. From power plants to unmanned aerial vehicles, from Wall Street to the Pentagon, and from around the world to here at home, our cyber solutions work at the front lines and behind the scenes to help us engineer a safer world.

SOFEX 2018: Raytheon - Cybersecurity and Special missions

SOFEX 2018: Raytheon – Cybersecurity and Special missions


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