Kurganets-25 Tracked Platform

Kurganets-25 Tracked Platform

Kurganets-25 Tracked Platform

The Kurganets-25 (Курганец-25) is a tracked, 25-ton modular platform being developed for the Russian Army. The Kurganets-25 will evolve into various models, gradually replacing BMP and BMD and MT-LB and other types of tracked armored platforms. The Kurganets-25 will have modular armor that can be upgraded for specific threats. The Kurganets-25 is designed to be lighter than the T-15 “heavy IFV” based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform tank chassis. There are two versions of the vehicle: a heavily armed infantry fighting vehicle carrying 6-7 troops; and a lightly armed APC carrying eight troops. Other variants proposed for the Kurganets include an armored ambulance, an 82 mm Vasilek mortar carrier, anti-tank vehicle, armored recovery vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle, a command vehicle, and an armored engineering vehicle. The Kurganets-25 IFV features the Bumerang-BM remote control turret with its 2A42 30 mm auto cannon, a 7.62 mm coaxial PKT machine gun and a bank of two Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles on either side. The Kurganets-25 APC variant has a 12.7 mm MG RWS instead of the Bumerang-BM turret. The Kurganets-25 (25 tonnes) to be light enough to be mobile on water. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 80 km/h on land and 10 km/h on water. Both the IFV and APC variants of the have a front-mounted engine rated at 800 hp. The Kurganets-25 IFV has 360-degree coverage from its active protection system launcher tubes. This APS is smaller than the one found on the T-14 Armata and T-15, but like the T-15, it’s attached close the top of the hull.


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