Orbital ATK – GDLS LAV Kongsberg MCT-30 Turret Autocannon

Orbital ATK a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, provided its customer and partner base a live demonstration of its MK44 Bushmaster® Chain Gun® firing a variety of both 30mm and 40mm ammunition during the company’s Bushmaster User Conference at Big Sandy Range, Arizona. The gathering of domestic and international attendees watched as the MK44 guns hit targets before and after a rapid changeover from a 30mm to a 40mm configuration. The MK44 Chain Gun will be featured on the 2017 season premiere episode of “GunnyTime with R. Lee Ermey” on Outdoor Channel beginning Wednesday, June 28, featuring Ermey firing the MK44 Chain Gun with Orbital ATK’s 30mm and 40mm Airbursting Ammunition. Attendees of the live-fire demonstration saw the MK44 Chain Gun, mounted to a Kongsberg Protector Turret and General Dynamics Land Systems Light Armored Vehicle, engage a variety of adobe, concrete block and steel panel targets in 30mm configuration using high-explosive incendiary ammunition. Additionally, the MK44 was set up with Orbital ATK’s proprietary air-bursting munition fuze-setting equipment to demonstrate the gun’s ability to precisely fire several rounds in rapid succession with point-bursting accuracy, both horizontally and vertically across the target.

Orbital ATK - GDLS LAV Kongsberg MCT-30 Turret Autocannon

Orbital ATK – GDLS LAV Kongsberg MCT-30 Turret Autocannon


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