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Raytheon Awarded $217 Milllion US Navy Contract for Naval Strike Missiles for Romania


Raytheon Awarded $217 Milllion US Navy Contract for Naval Strike Missiles for Romania

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Naval Strike Missile Missile Launch Vehicle (NSM MLV)
Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence System (NSM CDS) Missile Launch Vehicle

Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Tucson, Arizona, was awarded a $208,736,138 firm-fixed-price contract for the Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense System for the Republic of Romania. Work will be performed in Kongsberg, Norway (60%); Tucson, Arizona (34%); Schrobenhausen, Germany (2%); Raufoss, Norway (1%); and various other locations each less than 1% (3%), and is expected to be completed by September 2028. Foreign Military Sales (Romania) funds in the amount of $208,736,138 will be obligated at the time of award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract includes options which, if exercised, would bring its cumulative value to $217,136,549. The U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity.

Naval Strike Missile Missile Launch Vehicle (NSM MLV)
US Army NSM Land-based Anti-ship Missile Launcher.

On the coast of the Black Sea, Romania continues to augment its defense strategies. The NATO member recently signed an agreement to acquire Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense Systems built by Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a business of Raytheon Technologies, in partnership with the Norwegian company, Kongsberg. Amid increasingly sophisticated threats, this latest version of NSM CDS will bolster Romania’s defensive advantage against high-end maritime targets. Romania’s NSM will be launched from land-based vehicles, adding mobility to the country’s coastal defense. Under Romanian law, purchases of weapons and military equipment worth more than €100 million must be approved by the Romanian Ministry of National Defence.

US Marine Corps Unmanned JLTV Fires Naval Strike Missile for First Time
U.S. Marine Corps Navy NMESIS (Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System/NSM Launcher)

Romania has signed the Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) contract for the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Coastal Defense Systems (CDS). The General Directorate for Armaments of the Ministry of National Defense signed the contract on behalf of the government. The Government of Romania has requested to buy two (2) Coastal Defense Systems (CDS) consisting of: up to ten (10) Link-16 Multifunctional Information Distribution System – Joint Tactical Radio Systems (MIDS-JTRS). Also included are two Coastal Defense System Fire Distribution Centers; four Mobile Launch Vehicles; Transport Loading Vehicles; Naval Strike Missiles; non-operational Inert Handling/Loading Missile (IHM) to support missile handling and loading/unloading; training missile and equipment spares.

Polish Navy's NSM Coastal Defense System launcher
Polish Navy NSM (Naval Strike Missiles) Coastal Defense System (CDS)

The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) is an anti-ship and land-attack missile developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA). A NSM CDS battery consists of three missile launch vehicles, one battery command vehicle, three combat command vehicles, one mobile communication center, one mobile radar vehicle with TRS-15C radar, one transport and loading vehicle, and one mobile workshop vehicle. Each MLV carries 4 missiles and can be connected to the CCV by optical fiber or radio up to 10 km (6.2 mi) away; up to 6 launchers with 24 missiles can be netted together at once. The proposed sale will improve Romania’s capability to meet current and future threats by improving Romania’s maritime defense capabilities in the Black Sea and increasing interoperability with the U.S..

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