Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

In 2005, BAE SYSTEMS Land System Hägglunds has won a 1.7 billion SEK order from the Danish Army for 45 CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. In Denmark, Hydrema Export A/S partner with Hägglunds in the production of the vehicles. The 4th generation CV90; CV9035 MkIII, is one of most modern combat vehicle with a unique level of technology. CV9035DK is a further development of the CV9030 MkII in the areas of fire power, protection, mobility and ergonomics and with an advanced electronics achitecture. The main armament is a Bushmaster III 35/50 canon including ammunition programmer, controlled by a computerized fire control system. Both gunner and commander have stabilized day and night sight with a 3rd generation thermal night camera for the gunner. The vehicle has a crew of 3 men and a gunner squad of 7 men.

Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

The crew station design provides the gunner and commander with a continuous eye-on-target engagement feature (do not need to remove head from eye-piece to see and operate equipment). The electronic architecture has been further upgraded for Mk III to be completely digitized. The mobility improvements, in the field of upgraded suspension and power to weight ratio, was performed to handle the increased gross vehicle weight. The improved survivability was mainly in the areas of mine protection and top attack. The horizontal protection has been designed in similar ways as to the other marks of CV90, i.e.: appliqué systems. The first variant of the Mk III, the Mk III a, was delivered to The Netherlands and Denmark
Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

Denmark sent ten CV9035DKs to Afghanistan in order to bolster their contingent in Helmand Province. In February 2010, the Danish contingent had suffered numerous casualties since they began operations in the province in the autumn of 2006. The vehicles are from the Danish Royal Lifeguard Regiment, based in the Northern part of Seeland. They are working alongside MOWAG Piranha IIIC, MOWAG Eagle IV, M113 G3DK and Leopard 2A5DK vehicles, all contributed by Denmark, in the Helmand Province. By April 2010, two of the ten vehicles had been hit with IEDs, in both cases protecting the crew and passengers from personal injury.The vehicles lost two wheels and tracks, and were sent back to the manufacturer in Sweden for further investigation.
Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK

Danish Royal Guards CV9035DK


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