Frømandskorpset Danish Frogman Corps

The Danish Frogman Corps is the most secretive unit of the danish special operations forces. The unit is an amphibious/maritime Special Operations Force, modeled after the british Special Boat Service (SBS), the norwegian Marinejegerkommando (MJK) and U.S Navy SEALs. It became active on June 17th, 1957, and started by a former operative from the british Special Operations Executive from Denmark. In 1970 the unit got a new commander who was inspired by the american diver and combat swimmer School and the Underwater Demolition Teams, that we know as BUD/S and Navy SEALs today.

However, since 1970, it has been an independent unit operating first with the submarine squadron, and later as part of the Naval Operational Command. They’re serving both as an amphibious/maritime and landbased special operations force in same way as many other amphibious special operations forces.

They are in position of a wide range of capacities: Long Range Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Hostage Rescue, Boarding operations, Sabotage, High Value Target hunting, Close Protection and other tasks similar in scope to the U.S Navy SEAL Teams. Frømandskorpset may also conduct counterterrorist task, as well as aiding Danish police during crime investigation involving specialized diving.

Frømandskorpset Danish Frogman Corps

Frømandskorpset Danish Frogman Corps


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