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USMC Crew Chief Door Gunners


USMC Crew Chief Door Gunners

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If you want to ba Marine Corps door gunner marines must first be a Crew Chief. But being a Crew Chief is not easy. The work, maintaining and managing the aircraft of the Marine Corps, is demanding, but rewarding. Some days they are on the ground ensuring the aircraft are in top shape, other days they are in the air operating machine guns and serving as the pilot’s eyes outside of the cockpit. Inside of a UH-1Y Huey, a pilot’s view outside of the helicopter is limited, crew chiefs play a vital role in seeking threats and providing cover fire for the UH-1Y Hueys and the AH-1W Super Cobras that may accompany it. Their knowledge stems from a laundry list of schools they attend that provide crew chiefs with the mechanical and tactical knowledge to do what it takes to manage the aircraft. The two years of schooling include survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training as well as water survival and mechanical training.
Film Credits: This work, ITX 5-17 UH-1Y Huey Close Air Support Drills, by Sgt Kassie McDole,
USMC Crew Chief Door Gunners

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