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Spanish Government Approves €1.7 Billion to Buy 16 Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Spanish Government Cabinet Approves €1.7 Billion to Buy 16 Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Spanish Government Cabinet Approves €1.7 Billion to Buy 16 Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) has been approved for acquisition by Spain, with a budget of €1.7 billion. The Council of Ministers has given its nod to modify spending commitments to enable the Ministry of Defense to purchase 16 of these advanced maritime patrol aircraft. The decision to acquire the Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft comes as Spain seeks to enhance and expand its maritime patrol capabilities following the decommissioning of the P-3M aircraft. The objective is to have a fleet of aircraft that meets the requirements specified by the General Staff, ensuring an effective and efficient system. The MPA Program, part of this acquisition, focuses on procuring six modified Airbus C295W platforms specifically designed for maritime patrol missions. These aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and capabilities to support surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and maritime security operations. By acquiring these aerial platforms, Spain aims to fulfill its national commitments and carry out assigned missions effectively.

In addition to the MPA Program, the VIGMA Program is also included in this procurement agreement. Under this program, Spain intends to acquire ten Airbus C295W platforms modified for maritime surveillance and search and rescue missions. These aircraft will provide valuable support and strengthen Spain’s capabilities in maintaining maritime security and conducting efficient search and rescue operations.The total budget allocated for both programs is set at €1.7 billion, with payments spread over several years. The breakdown of the budget by annual payments is as follows:
2023: €50,000,000
2024: €110,000,000
2025: €130,000,000
2026: €140,000,000
2027: €260,000,000
2028: €320,000,000
2029: €270,000,000
2030: €300,000,000
2031: €150,000,000

These significant investments reflect Spain’s commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities and ensuring maritime security in its territorial waters and beyond. The acquisition of the Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft will contribute to the country’s ability to monitor and protect its coasts, detect potential threats, and respond effectively to emergencies. The approval of the acquisition of 16 Airbus C295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft marks a significant step forward for Spain’s defense strategy. With these modern and versatile platforms, Spain will strengthen its maritime patrol capabilities, ensuring the security of its coastal regions and demonstrating its commitment to national and international security. The acquisition represents a substantial investment in the country’s defense infrastructure, reinforcing Spain’s position as a key player in maritime security and surveillance operations.

The Airbus C295, formerly known as CASA C-295, is a medium tactical transport aircraft that was originally developed by the Spanish aerospace company CASA. It was designed as a derivative of the successful CASA/IPTN CN-235 transport aircraft and has proven to be a reliable and versatile platform. The C295 had its maiden flight in November 1997, and since then, it has gained popularity among various air forces worldwide. Its success led to further orders, and after CASA’s incorporation into the pan-European aeronautical group EADS (European Aeronautic Defence Company), the aircraft was redesignated as the EADS CASA C-295. Subsequently, EADS acquired full ownership of Airbus, and the aircraft became known as the Airbus C295. Manufacturing and final assembly of the Airbus C295 are carried out at the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in San Pablo Airport, located in Seville, Spain. The aircraft’s capabilities, reliability, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for maritime patrol and surveillance missions, which will further enhance Spain’s defense capabilities.

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