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RAFAEL Diehl and Hensoldt Partner for SPICE 250 ER Precision-guided Bomb System

SPICE 250 ER Precision-guided Bomb System
SPICE 250 ER Precision-guided Bomb System

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, and HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH have proudly announced a teaming agreement focused on the modular SPICE™ 250 ER (Extended Range) system. The agreement has been signed by the three parties during a ceremony, held on the Diehl Defence stand at this year’s Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. Building upon previous successful collaborations, this partnership aims to provide cutting-edge solutions for the German Luftwaffe, featuring unique capabilities and enhancements in specific for the Eurofighter EK and overall LuWES program. The Eurofighter EK program, currently under development, is intended to replace the Tornado Eloka electronic warfare (EW) platforms currently in operation with the German Luftwaffe. Offering the SPICE 250 ER solution, Diehl Defence is getting one step closer to becoming the German Luftwaffe’s prime contractor for airborne ammunition.

SPICE Family Precision-guided Bomb System
SPICE Family Precision-guided Bomb System

RAFAEL’s SPICE 250 ER system, derived from the combat-proven “SPICE” (“Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective”) Family of highly automated Human-in-the-loop air-to-surface systems, serves as the foundation for this collaboration. The SPICE 250 ER employs a turbojet engine, enabling it to operate at extended stand-off ranges. Therefore, managing to cope with for example today’s long-range Air Defense threats. With its modularity Spice 250 ER allows for carrying enhanced payloads by replacing the traditional warhead. It now provides Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) capabilities. Furthermore, the SPICE 250 ER incorporates standardized electrical and physical interfaces found across the SPICE Family, optimizing platform integration and reducing the life cycle cost.

 HENSOLDT CEO Thomas Müller, Helmut Rauch, CEO Diehl Defence and Yoav Har-Even, CEO Rafael.
HENSOLDT CEO Thomas Müller, Helmut Rauch, CEO Diehl Defence and Yoav Har-Even, CEO Rafael. (Photo by Diehl Defence)

The SPICE is an Israeli-developed, EO/GPS- guidance kit used for converting air-droppable unguided bombs into precision-guided bombs design by RAFAEL. Converting general purpose and penetration warheads weighing 250, 1000 or 2000lbs into precision, stand-off strike weapons with ranges of 60-100km ? they deliver multiple, simultaneous hits with pinpoint accuracy. Spice 250 is a 113 kg (249 lb) glide bomb designed as a complete system rather than an add-on kit, with a stand-off range of 54 nmi (100 km; 62 mi). Spice 250 ER is a new variant incorporates a micro-turbojet engine with an internal JP-8/10 fuel tank to deliver over the range of 150 km (81 nmi; 93 mi). Advanced EO/IR technologies allow the targeting, acquisition, and autonomous tracking of moving targets, and a scene-matching algorithm enables fully autonomous, GPS-independent missions with midflight path adjustment and minimum collateral damage.

SPICE 250 Precision-guided Bomb
SPICE 250 Precision-guided Bomb. (Photo by RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd)

This collaboration follows prior agreements between RAFAEL and Diehl Defence on the SPICE Family of munitions. Additionally, RAFAEL’s agreement with HENSOLDT in the Elecronic Warfare domain, including the highly regarded Sky Shield/Kalaetron Wideband Electronic Attack and Escort Jamming Pod, further strengthens the expertise and synergy between the parties. The three parties together cover all necessary expertise to answer current and future demands in regard to stand-off and EW capabilities. By joining forces, RAFAEL, Diehl Defence, and HENSOLDT aim to deliver an advanced solution that meets the evolving needs of modern warfare. The collaborative effort ensures the German Luftwaffe benefits from the combined expertise and state-of-the-art technology contributed by each partner.

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