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General Dynamics European Land Systems Shows Two New ASCOD Variants

General Dynamics European Land Systems Shows Two New ASCOD Variants
General Dynamics European Land Systems Shows Two New ASCOD Variants

General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) is showcasing two new variants of the ASCOD (Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development) tracked armoured vehicle at FEINDEF in Madrid this week: the Light Tank LT105 and the Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV). The two new variants have been developed in record time, leveraging earlier lessons learned and the company’s commitment to permanent innovation. Very few nations have the national and autonomous capacity offered by GDELS-SBS in the design, development, manufacturing and integral maintenance of next-generation armoured vehicles

“The innovation and flexibility of the Multipurpose Common Platform concept that defines and characterises the design of the ASCOD/PIZARRO family of vehicles favours the constant evolution and integration of advanced and disruptive technologies, and a quick and flexible adaptation to the requirements of each client. ASCOD is an excellently protected platform, configurable for all kinds of specific tasks and missions, and operable within a capability network to efficiently manage force multipliers and mission systems in a multi-domain environmen,” commented Juan Escriña, Managing Director of GDELS-SBS and GDELS’ VP of Tracked Vehicles and Artillery.

ASCOD Light Tank LT105
GDELS ASCOD Light Tank LT105. (General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas)

The new light tank version features an Elbit Systems 105mm turret, combining high firepower with a light platform. Highly protected, it retains the excellent mobility that has always been the hallmark of ASCOD, and offers a a flexible solution to the growing need for medium-weight vehicles (?MLC 50) with sufficient firepower, all-terrain manoeuvrability and deployment flexibility. The ASCOD ARV is a modern, versatile, protected solution able to maintain, recover and repair medium-weight combat vehicles in the field. Equipped with stabilisation system, crane, winch and dozer blade, it offers the highest capability for repair operations on a medium-weight platform.

In addition, the VCZAP CASTOR combat engineer vehicle will provide unique capabilities to the engineer units of the Spanish Army. Equipped with a flexible automated system, enabling the installation of different mission-specific equipment on a single vehicle (dozer blade, mine plough, self-protection combat roller and obstacle marker system), the vehicle presented at FEINDEF is the first of 36 vehicles under contract. It complements the several variants already delivered as part of Phases I and II of the PIZARRO programme for a total of 227 vehicles.

Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV)
GDELS ASCOD Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV). (General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas)
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