Brodosplit Coastal Patrol Vessel

Brodosplit Coastal Patrol Vessel

The 43.50 long vessel will be fitted with the basic weapon of all coastal guards today, 30 mm automatic gun and two manually operated 12.7 mm machine guns. The vessel can reach the speed of 28 knots at 90% MCR-a and is very capable of pursuit. It has a large navigational range and can stay at sea for ten days with 14 crew members.

The vessel is certified in accordance with Croatian Register of Shipping Rules (CRS) member of IACS.

It is a project of five vessels for the needs of Croatian Coast Guard. The basic purpose of the vessel is surveillance and protection of Croatian interests at sea. They will be used as support to island population and in search and rescue sea operations. One remotely operated stabilized

30 mm naval gun system, installed on the main deck forward at the centerline, ensuring a wide field of gun action. Such configurations incorporate advanced features as remote operation, built-in electro-optic sensor system for autonomous operation, day and night operation, stabilized turret, automatic target tracking (detect, track and fire on the move) and ballistic computation.

Stabilized turret enables the line-of-sight of the gun to be aimed at the target at all times. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move.

Two 360° pedestals for 12.7 mm machinegun (of M2HB type, e.g.), situated starboard and portside on the superstructure, ensuring a wide field of gun action with same level of protection assured by open bridge wing structure.

EOS – Electric-optical Surveillance (EOS) system for observation, search and recognition of targets at sea and in air, and weapons control. It contains next sensors: Thermal Camera (3-5 μm cooled thermal imager, resolution: 640×480 pixels), Day Camera (minimum 20x optical zoom, resolution: 640×480 pixels) and Laser Range Finder (range: 100-20000m, accuracy ± 5 metres, divergence: < 1 mrad).

Brodosplit Coastal Patrol Vessel