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Thales Presents Next-Generation SATIS Small Arms Trainer Enhanced by Unreal Engine 5


Thales Presents Next-Generation SATIS Small Arms Trainer Enhanced by Unreal Engine 5

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Thales Presents Next-Generation SATIS Small Arms Trainer Enhanced by Unreal Engine 5
Thales Presents Next-Generation SATIS Small Arms Trainer Enhanced by Unreal Engine 5

Recent conflicts underscore this reality, emphasizing the critical role of proficient marksmanship in securing victories on the battlefield. Responding to the demand for innovative training solutions, Thales has introduced a groundbreaking enhancement to its SATIS Small Arms Training Indoor Simulator, powered by Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). Building upon the collaboration announced at I/ITSEC 2022, Thales and Epic Games have transformed the SATIS simulator into a cutting-edge training platform with unprecedented capabilities. With the integration of Unreal Engine 5, SATIS now delivers AAA video game level graphics, revolutionizing the immersive experience for trainees. This enhancement not only elevates on-screen realism but also extends to the tactile realm, ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness during training sessions.

The significance of immersion cannot be overstated, particularly in the realm of simulation-based training. Recognizing the expectations of today’s soldiers, many of whom are intimately familiar with video game environments, SATIS sets a new standard by leveraging Unreal Engine 5 to provide unparalleled visual fidelity and engagement. In addition to enhancing marksmanship skills, modern conflicts demand proficiency in operating drones. Acknowledging this reality, SATIS now features a drone operator station add-on, empowering users to control UAVs in various roles within simulated scenarios. Whether assuming the role of a blue team or red team operator, trainees can hone their skills in drone operation, reflecting the evolving nature of contemporary warfare.

However, immersion extends beyond visual fidelity to encompass the tactile experience. SATIS incorporates high-fidelity replica weapons equipped with pneumatic recoil mechanisms and detailed ballistics models, replicating the feel and performance of real firearms. Complemented by simulated telescopic, night vision, and thermal sights, trainees can engage in realistic scenarios under diverse conditions, preparing them for the complexities of modern combat. The Tactical Engagement Analysis solution offers instructors invaluable insights by providing real-time data on trainees’ tactical performance. From assessing marksmanship accuracy to analyzing user positions and impact patterns, this innovative system facilitates objective and individualized training tailored to real-world scenarios, including close-quarter battle environments.

Driven by advanced AI algorithms, SATIS enables precise object detection and recognition, facilitating comprehensive performance assessment. By leveraging AI capabilities, instructors can deliver targeted feedback and tailor training regimens to address individual strengths and weaknesses, ultimately enhancing overall readiness and effectiveness. In conclusion, Thales’ collaboration with Epic Games has propelled SATIS into a new era of simulation-based training, characterized by unparalleled immersion, realism, and effectiveness. Empowering trainees with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive training solutions, SATIS stands at the forefront of preparing soldiers for the challenges of modern warfare.

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