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Dynamit Nobel Defence Awarded Croatian Armed Forces to Procure RGW90 Anti-tank Weapons

Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW90 LRMP Long Range Multipurpose
RGW90 LRMP Long Range Multipurpose

The Government of the Republic of Croatia has approved the procurement of RGW90 disposable anti-armor portable weapon systems from Dynamit Nobel Defence. The decision, aimed at modernizing the Croatian Army and enhancing national security, signifies a commitment to meet NATO capability goals. The RGW90 weapon system, known for its versatility and effectiveness, will be acquired to equip light infantry units, landing infantry units, and special forces. The total cost of the purchase, including VAT, is estimated at 3,878,697.50 euros, with funds allocated in the state budget for the Ministry of Defense in 2023 and 2024. Specifically, the Government has given its consent to the Ministry of Defense to assume obligations at the expense of the state budget in 2024 for the procurement of the disposable anti-armor portable missile system RGW 90, with an estimated value of 2,637,514.30 euros.

Defense Minister Mario Banoži? highlighted the strategic importance of this procurement, emphasizing that it aligns with Croatia’s commitment to fortify its military readiness. “The aforementioned missile system fully meets the needs of the Croatian Army in terms of the requirement to equip units with portable disposable anti-armor missile systems and is an important long-term security and defense tool for the Republic of Croatia,” Minister Banoži? stated. This procurement decision reaffirms Croatia’s commitment to maintaining a modern and capable defense force, ensuring the nation’s security and aligning with NATO standards. The acquisition of the RGW 90 anti-tank weapons reflects the government’s dedication to safeguarding the country’s interests and contributing to regional stability.

The government passed the Decision on giving consent to the Ministry of Defense for the procurement of the disposable anti-armor portable missile system RGW 90
The Government of the Republic of Croatia passed the Decision on giving consent to the Ministry of Defense for the procurement of the RGW90 disposable anti-armor portable weapon system . (Photo by Croatian MoD)

The RGW 90 system is renowned for its simplicity of use, featuring a recoil spring system. Its capability to penetrate armored vehicles, coupled with its multi-purpose functionality against structural and unarmored targets, positions it as a versatile and essential asset in the arsenal of numerous European and international armed forces. The RGW90 HEAT/HESH variant being procured by Croatia is a formidable anti-tank and multi-purpose weapon system. Manufactured by the renowned German-based company Dynamit Nobel Defence, this shoulder-fired, man-portable weapon offers a high level of effectiveness. The RGW 90HH variant weighs 8.7 kilograms and can be used to destroy structural targets within an effective range of 20 meters to 500 meters. Its transport length is 1 meter, extendable to 1.15 meters when equipped with a HEAT (high-explosive anti-tank) warhead.

Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) is a respected German medium-sized defense company with a lineage tracing back to the former Dynamit Nobel companies under the Alfred Nobel Group. The company fields two distinct shoulder-fired weapon concepts: The RGW (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) system and the iconic Panzerfaust 3 family. Both concepts encompass a variety of Davis Gun principle, recoilless, shoulder-launched, single-soldier operated, disposable weapons for anti-tank, anti-structure and multipurpose uses. DND munitions are designed to be operated against a wide spectrum of targets and offer different firing modes for maximum flexibility. DND developed the 60mm RGW 60 launcher for special operations, airborne and other light forces which require a compact, lightweight assault weapon. It can be fired from within an enclosure. A high muzzle velocity provides a flat trajectory, low dispersion and ‘good’ hit probability.

RGW90 HH-T High Explosive Anti-Tank and High Explosive
RGW90 HH-T (HEAT/HESH -Tandem) disposable High Explosive anti-armor portable weapon systems. (Photo by Dynamit Nobel Defence)

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