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Lithuanian Naval Forces Vessels Participate in Exercise Northern Shores 2023

Lithuanian Naval Forces Patrol Ship Aukštaitis (P14)
Lithuanian Naval Forces Patrol Ship Aukštaitis (P14)

The Lithuanian Naval Forces’ vessels, the patrol ship “Aukštaitis” (P14) and the anti-mine ship “Skalvis” (M53), recently participated in the expansive international exercise “Northern Shores 2023.” This exercise, which unfolded in the Baltic Sea under the banner of “Šiauriniai krantai 2023” or “Northern Coasts 2023” in English, stands as one of the year’s most significant naval training events. Stretching across the territorial waters and exclusive economic zones of Latvia and Estonia, as well as along their respective coastlines, the exercise featured the active involvement of more than 30 warships and approximately 3,200 military personnel hailing from 15 countries. Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, the United States, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Sweden, and Germany all united in this impressive show of strength. The exercise was primarily designed to simulate amphibious operations and naval maneuvers aimed at safeguarding sea lanes, ensuring seamless military support to NATO allies positioned along the eastern Baltic shore.

Lithuanian Naval Forces; anti-mine ship Skalvis (M53)
Lithuanian Naval Forces anti-mine ship Skalvis (M53). (Photo by Lithuanian Armed Forces)

Throughout the duration of the exercise, the proficient crews of Lithuania’s “Aukštaitis” (P14) and “Skalvis” (M53) honed their skills in surface and underwater combat procedures, anti-mine warfare tactics, and tactical communication procedures with allied vessels. They also engaged in tactical maneuvers as part of a naval task force and participated in combat shooting exercises, successfully targeting both surface and airborne threats with their artillery guns. The participation of Lithuanian naval assets in “Northern Shores 2023” not only showcased their capability to operate seamlessly in a multinational environment but also underscored Lithuania’s unwavering commitment to regional security and NATO alliance readiness. The exercise exemplifies the invaluable role played by the Lithuanian Naval Forces in promoting stability and cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, and it highlights their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of maritime excellence.

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