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New Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) Manufacturing Complex Inaugurated

Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW90 LRMP Long Range Multipurpose
RGW90 LRMP Long Range Multipurpose

Michael Humbek, the CEO of Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND), officially inaugurated the groundbreaking “casting center” at the DND premises on September 8, 2023. The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests from local politics, industry leaders, members of the trade press, and representatives from the German armed forces. This momentous infrastructure project, which now positions DND at the forefront of advanced munitions production, is particularly noteworthy due to its initiation during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the global economy faced unprecedented challenges, DND displayed remarkable dedication to its hometown by investing in the Burbach site. Today, that foresight is paying off as the demand for shoulder-launched munitions surges. DND has significantly expanded its industrial capacity, poised to equip our warfighters with the finest shoulder-launched weapons available.

Over several years, meticulous planning, project development, and construction efforts have culminated in the commissioning of a state-of-the-art production complex. This new facility empowers the shoulder-fired weapons division to produce charges for special warheads in far greater quantities than ever before. As newer variants of the RGW family, such as the RGW90 ASM and the RGW90 LRMP, require casting processes instead of the traditional pressing methods, DND is now well-prepared to meet these evolving demands. Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) boasts two distinctive shoulder-fired weapon concepts: the RGW (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) system and the renowned Panzerfaust 3 family. These concepts encompass a range of Davis Gun principle, recoilless, shoulder-launched, single-soldier operated, disposable weapons designed for anti-tank, anti-structure, and multipurpose applications. DND munitions are engineered to engage a diverse array of targets, offering various firing modes for maximum flexibility.

In a significant milestone for the defense industry, Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) celebrated the grand inauguration of its new "casting center" on the company's premises in Burbach.
In a significant milestone for the defense industry, Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) celebrated the grand inauguration of its new “casting center” in Burbach. (Photo by Dynamit Nobel Defence)

The RGW 90 (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a 90mm man-portable, anti-armor, multi-purpose weapon system that has garnered international recognition. This German-manufactured weapon is tailored for infantry and special forces, with the capacity to engage and neutralize a wide spectrum of ground-based targets, including main battle tanks, light armored vehicles, fortified facilities, bunkers, wall structures, and fixed shelters. Notably, the RGW 90 is engineered for operation in confined spaces. Within the RGW 90 family, variants include the RGW 90HH (High Explosive Anti-Tank and High Explosive), RGW 90ASM (Anti Structure Munition), and RGW 90WB (Wall Breacher). The RGW 90HH variant, weighing 8.7kg, is designed for structural target destruction with an adjustable warhead effective at ranges between 20m and 500m. The RGW 90 ASM, weighing approximately 10kg, features a two-stage warhead capable of penetrating hardened protective covers and reaching concealed targets. It operates within a range of 10m to 400m. The RGW 90LRMP (long-range multi-purpose) represents an enhanced version of the RGW 90HH.

Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) is a respected German medium-sized defense company with a lineage tracing back to the former Dynamit Nobel companies under the Alfred Nobel Group. With over 60 years of experience in developing and producing shoulder-launched weapons for anti-tank, anti-armor, and multipurpose applications, DND’s portfolio has expanded to include holistic vehicle protection concepts, fire protection systems, test charges, environmental and qualification test services, and research and development. Today, DND stands as a global technology leader and full-system supplier, earning the trust of German and international armed forces worldwide. Situated in Burbach, within an industry-rich region approximately 100 km north of Frankfurt, DND’s sprawling premises cover 1,000,000 square meters and boast 260 buildings dedicated to high-technology development, manufacturing, and testing. With nearly 400 dedicated professionals, DND’s commitment extends beyond delivering state-of-the-art products and services; it strives to provide unmatched technological excellence and unwavering precision on target.

Weighing roughly 10kg, the RGW 90 AS variant is fitted with a two-stage warhead that can destroy hardened protective covers and hit the targets hidden behind cover. It has a range between 10m and 400m.
Weighing roughly 10kg, the RGW90 ASM Anti Structure Munition variant is fitted with a two-stage warhead that can destroy hardened protective covers and hit the targets hidden behind cover.(Photo by Dynamit Nobel Defence)

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