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First Magistr-SV Air Defense Fire Control System Delivered to Russian Armed Forces

Magistr-SV automated air defense fire control system
Magistr-SV automated air defense fire control system

The Russian armed forces have taken the first delivery of the Magistr-SV. The Magistr-SV automated air defense fire control system is in mass production. Tass reported that the first batch of these machines has already been delivered to the customer. The system has been developed by the Rubin Research and Production Enterprise, which is part of the Ruselectronics Group (which is part of the state corporation Rostec). The machine is designed for air space reconnaissance using external and built-in reconnaissance capabilities. It also is designed to coordinate air defense missions. It is also possible to integrate anti-aircraft weapons into the air defense control subsystem, capable of combatting attacking elements of high-precision weapons and multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Magister-SV includes a unique optoelectronic station with automatic detection functions for recognizing and tracking air targets. To provide such technical capabilities, the developers needed to create a database of optical characteristics of various air targets and the characteristics of the radiation of natural interference. A small-sized radar detector combines the capabilities of a surveillance radar and the high accuracy inherent in radar tracking systems. The implemented architecture is ahead of all currently known radar detection tools. When developing the unified control module, special attention was paid to increasing the secrecy and survivability of the air defense grouping.

The Magister-SV has been developed on the basis of the BMP-3 (Boevaya Mashina Pekhoty 3) infantry fighting vehicle and boasts of high level of unification in terms of its assemblies which significantly reduces operational, maintenance and training costs. It is designed to enhance mobility and protection of motorized infantry units, marines, coast guards and special forces in all types of missions. The Magister-SV will be able to recognize targets at a range of up to 5-10 kilometers and warn about them in time. It is likely that these will be low-speed helicopters, and first of all unmanned vehicles, which have acquired special importance during the recent armed conflicts

JSC Ruselectronics, is a Russian state-owned holding company founded in 1997. Ruselectronics owns more than 120 companies and responsible for the production of approximately 80 percent of all Russian electronics components. Ruselectronics provides semiconductor devices, photo detectors and light emitting elements, displays, emitters, microwave devices and vacuum tubes, electronic materials and structures, and electronic equipment and systems. Its products include diodes; AC and DC plasma display panels, and bar and digital displays, as well as plasma monitors for industrial applications; and co-based and nano alloys, and IR LED chips. The company’s products also include millimeter-waverband waveguide isolators and circulators, and ferrite phase shifters; broad and narrow bandwidth, and cryogenic coaxial isolators and circulators; and high-power coaxial circulators.

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