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GRUPA WB Providing Teleinformatics Systems for Polish Army Zawilec Command Vehicles

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GRUPA WB Providing Teleinformatics Systems for Polish Army Zawilec Command Vehicles
GRUPA WB Providing Teleinformatics Systems for Polish Army Zawilec Command Vehicles

In a significant stride towards enhancing the capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces, GRUPA WB has been chosen as the provider of advanced teleinformatics systems for the command vehicles “Zawilec.” These vehicles will be built on the platform of the Kolowy Transporter Opancerzony (KTO) Rosomak. The selection process was conducted transparently and competitively, with GRUPA WB’s proposal emerging as the top performer. The Polish Armed Forces have recognized the cutting-edge nature of the systems based on proven and unified C4I-class solutions. The success of GRUPA WB in securing this contract can be attributed to the extensive experience and profound knowledge of its engineers, who have developed and implemented teleinformatics systems for the Polish Army command vehicles, including the Kroton series based on the KTO Rosomak.

The first batch of Zawilec vehicles, developed according to user requirements, will serve as a model solution for command systems within the Polish Army. These ordered vehicles will be deployed at higher echelons, including brigade and above. This initiative will equip the Polish Armed Forces with national command vehicles featuring versatile teleinformatics systems tailored for processing highly classified information. The teleinformatics system for the national command vehicle “Zawilec” must meet stringent requirements set by the Polish Army. Consequently, before being invited to participate in the bidding process, GRUPA WB’s solution underwent meticulous scrutiny. The system was rigorously tested under the supervision of a research group from specialized military units, in accordance with an agreement with the Armament Agency.

The exemplary national command vehicles “Zawilec” will be developed in collaboration with a longstanding partner of GRUPA WB, Rosomak from Siemianowice ?l?skie. The platform for these vehicles will be the wheeled armored transporter, utilizing the platform system variant. The same version of Rosomak vehicles with GRUPA WB’s teleinformatics systems was utilized in building the command vehicles “Kroton,” which were delivered to the headquarters of the Multinational Division Northeast (MND NE). In subsequent years, command vehicles with the same configuration were supplied to other units within the Polish Army. GRUPA WB is a recognized provider of teleinformatics systems for the Polish Armed Forces. The digital communication platform FONET has been integrated into all previously manufactured Rosomak armored transporters for the Polish Army, as well as hundreds of self-propelled artillery, launchers, tanks, and other vehicles.

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