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Rafael Awarded $30 Million Maintenance Services Contract in Asian Market

Rafael Awarded 30 Million Maintenance Services Contract in Asian Market
Rafael Awarded 30 Million Maintenance Services Contract in Asian Market

Israeli company Rafael has won a new contract with an Asian customer to provide comprehensive maintenance support services for operational systems employed by its navy. The multi-year agreement is estimated at USD 30 million and will include maintenance services for the navy’s Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon remotely-controlled naval weapon stations, naval Spike ER and NLOS missile systems, EO surveillance systems, as well as EW Integrated Decoy Systems (IDS). The services will bolster the technological and operational cooperation between Rafael and the user and establish maintenance capabilities for additional systems.

Naval Combat Suite which is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, includes a Combat Management System (CMS), Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon Remote Operating Weapon Systems, Naval Spike Missiles, SeaCom Internal and external Communication System and BNET Tactical Data Link, as well as training, support and maintenance services. Naval Combat Suite is based on combat-proven technology and systems, relying on years of experience and deep operational know-how in various naval arenas and integrating combat-proven technologies in all domains. RAFAEL provide naval forces defense superiority in littoral and blue water against all modern naval threats above and below the waves.

Typhoon Mk-30c Stabilised Naval Gun
Typhoon Mk-30c Stabilised Naval Gun. (Photo by Rafael)

The Typhoon is a type of remote weapon station manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel, and it shares similar design principles and common technologies with Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station (Samson RCWS), a land-based system manufactured by the same developer. Like Samson RCWS, Typhoon is also multi-configurable. The Typhoon, and its lightweight variant, Mini Typhoon, are used by the Israeli Navy, Indian Navy, Philippine Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy, the Republic of Singapore Navy, Sri Lankan Navy and Singapore’s Police Coast Guard.

The Naval SPIKE Family is an advanced naval missile system utilizing a dual EO sensor, CCD/IIR, and an automatic tracker for day and night applications. The Naval SPIKE ER is comprised of a lightweight, compact and stabilized turret with 4 missiles on the mount ? together with a fire control system for ranges up to 10 km with either Penetration-Blast-Fragmentation (PBF) or fragmentation warheads that can be operated in a “Fire & Forget” or “Fire & Update” mode with pinpoint kill accuracy. The Naval SPIKE NLOS for ranges up to 32 km, offers the unique advantage of hitting Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Naval Spike ER Missile
Naval Spike ER Missile. (Photo by Rafael)

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