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Israel Weapons Industries Introduces Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG)

Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG)
Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG)

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has responded to customer feedback by developing the Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG), a lighter-weight, full rifle caliber machine gun that prioritizes portability and mobility. Recently supplied to an undisclosed European special forces unit, the NG7 ULMG is an evolution of IWI’s NG7 7.62mm machine gun, featuring several design enhancements. The NG7 ULMG incorporates a lighter and length-adjustable butt-stock, an aluminum handguard with M-LOK interface points, and the removal of the standard bipod. These modifications have resulted in a weight reduction of approximately 1.4 kg compared to the original NG7. With a 420 mm-long barrel, the NG7 ULMG weighs around 6.6 kg, making it significantly lighter than its predecessor. Internally, the NG7 ULMG shares identical features with the original NG7, including the quick-change barrel (QCB) system found in the Negev line.

The decreased reliance on QCB functionality in future machine gun designs due to advancements in material science and manufacturing techniques, which allow for the production of more durable barrels. IWI is actively developing improved barrels that would eliminate the need for operators to carry spare barrels during most operations. The NG7 ULMG offers versatility with its availability in two barrel lengths, 420 mm and 330 mm. Furthermore, the NG7 series can be converted to the 6.5 Creedmoor (6.5×48 mm) simply by changing barrels, enabling the use of standard M13 pattern disintegrating links for feeding 6.5 Creedmoor rounds. The NEGEV 7 (7.62X51mm) Ultra-Light Machine Gun (ULMG) stands as the latest advanced model in the battle-proven NEGEV family, designed with the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR) program and the operational needs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in mind.

The NEGEV 7 ULMG offers a significant reduction in weight while maintaining the NEGEV’s renowned reliability. Its lightweight design enhances mobility and target acquisition capabilities, combining a large caliber and high fire rate for increased lethality and survivability. The weapon enables effective penetration of walls and light-armored vehicles, making it an invaluable asset in various operational scenarios, including Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Safety and reliability remain paramount in the ULMG model, preserving the robust mechanisms and safety features found in standard NEGEV LMGs. Rigorously tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions and adverse battlefield challenges such as mud, dirt, sand, rain, and snow, the NEGEV ULMG guarantees performance in the harshest environments. Currently undergoing evaluation by the IDF and other selected entities, the NEGEV ULMG represents a cutting-edge addition to the modern weapons landscape.

Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG)
Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG)

It features a barrel length of 420mm (16 inches) with a 1:12 twist, allowing for excellent accuracy and effective engagement at various distances. One of its standout features is its impressively light weight, tipping the scales at only 6.6kg, making it highly maneuverable and easy to handle for operators in the field. The NG7 ULMG boasts a total length of 1000mm when fully extended, providing an extended reach when necessary, while it can be retracted to a compact 920mm for improved portability during transportation or close-quarters combat. With a rate of fire ranging from 600 to 800 rounds per minute in positions 1 and 2, the NG7 ULMG offers a high volume of suppressive fire, allowing operators to maintain fire superiority and effectively suppress enemy positions. Overall, the NG7 ULMG strikes an ideal balance between firepower, portability, and maneuverability, making it a valuable asset on the battlefield.

Key Features of the NG7 ULMG:
Two operation modes: Semi-automatic mode for accurate and controlled fire in Close Quarter Battle, and automatic mode for maximum firepower
Safety mechanisms that minimize uncontrolled fire
Compatibility with various mounts, including special helicopter airborne mounts, vehicle mounts, and naval mounts
Tritium night sights
Picatinny rails for attaching optical devices and diverse accessories
Gas regulator for increased power in adverse conditions
Feed options from an assault drum or belt chain
Field maintenance capability with quick dismantling
Back-up iron sights
Low silhouette design

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), formerly the Magen division of the Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), is an Israeli firearms manufacturer. It was founded in 1933. Formerly owned by the State of Israel, the Small Arms Division of IMI was privatized and renamed IWI in 2005. IWI is one of the world’s most famous and bestselling military arms manufacturers. The Magen division rose to international prominence in the 1950s, as the creator of the Uzi, of which over 10 million would be produced, netting billions of dollars for the company. Subsequent well known military exports have included the Jericho 941 semi-automatic pistol, Negev light machine gun, Galil assault rifle, Tavor assault rifle, and the DAN .338 sniper rifle. IWI develops and manufactures guns used by armies and law enforcement agencies around the world.

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