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Joint Ukrainian-Slovak Partnership for Development of 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

Eva 155mm self-propelled howitzer
Eva 155mm self-propelled howitzer

A recent report by Slovak publication Denník E reveals that defense companies from Ukraine and Slovakia have reached an agreement to collaborate on the development of a 155mm self-propelled howitzer based on the Slovak Eva howitzer. The partnership aims to modify Slovakia’s Eva self-propelled howitzer to meet Ukrainian specifications, incorporating technical solutions from the Ukrainian defense industry. The key participants in this joint venture are Konstrukta Defence, a prominent Slovak defense company, and PJSC Kramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant from Ukraine. Their objective is to construct a fully functional prototype within a year.

Vitaliy Zagudaev, the chief of PJSC Kramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant, expressed confidence in the partnership, said, “Konstrukta Defence is a reliable and valuable partner with whom we have developed various projects related to mortars, ammunition, modernization of the Bohdana project, and now the development of a new 155mm howitzer. The project with our Ukrainian partners presents a tremendous opportunity for our entire arms industry, which has either been stagnant or in decline since 1989.”

Eva 155mm self-propelled howitzer
Eva 155mm self-propelled howitzer. (Photo by Konstrukta Defence)

The collaboration between these companies began with Ukraine’s satisfaction with the Slovak Zuzana 2 howitzers, which prompted the idea of jointly building a new howitzer incorporating contributions from both nations. A memorandum of cooperation has already been signed, and the companies are exploring other potential areas of joint activity. While potential risks exist, such as upcoming elections in Slovakia and political parties opposing military support for Ukraine, the director of Konstrukta Defence remains optimistic about the project’s success and its potential to reinvigorate the Slovak defense industry.

EVA is a Slovak-made self-propelled howitzer, developed by Konstrukta Defence and publicly revealed in 2015. The EVA is based on a Tatra 815 6×6 truck, but the system can be also mounted on a 8×8 truck chassis. Created as a shared project between Konstrukta Defense and ZTS Special, using technology developed for SpGH Zuzana 2. Utilizes a 155mm gun, 52-caliber, achieving a range of up to 41 km (25 mi) using specialized ERFB-BB munition. Firing rate is stated as up to 5 rounds in the first minute, and 13 rounds in 3 minutes. Carries 24 rounds in automatic magazines ready to fire. The operation is fully automated and can be performed from the inside of the armored cabin.

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