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Saab Receives Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 from Australian Department of Defence

Saab Receives Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 from Australian Department of Defence
Saab Receives Order for Carl-Gustaf M4 from Australian Department of Defence

Saab has received an order from the Australian Department of Defence for the supply of additional Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons. The order value is SEK 400 million with deliveries during 2024-2025. The Carl-Gustaf M4 weapons will be delivered with Saab’s new Fire Control Device, FCD 558. Proven to deliver results on the battlefield, Carl-Gustaf provides the effectiveness soldiers need. The wide range of ammunition types for Carl-Gustaf makes it flexible and able to handle any situation, whether it is to destroy an armoured vehicle or structure, or illuminating the battlefield during night operations.

“This order continues Saab’s longstanding relationship with the Australian Defence Force. We are proud to deliver modern and user-focused weapon systems that ensures the Australian armed forces’ ability to meet a wide range of challenges on the battlefield,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

The Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle is a Swedish developed 84 mm (3.3 in) caliber man-portable shoulder-fired recoilless rifle, which has seen great export success around the globe and is today a popular multi-purpose support weapon in use by many nations. The Carl Gustaf 84 mm recoilless rifle is a lightweight, low-cost weapon that uses a wide range of ammunition, which makes it extremely flexible and suitable for a wide variety of roles. The Carl-Gustaf system is supplied to more than 40 countries around the world. In Australia, it is irreverently known as “Charlie Gutsache” (guts ache, meaning stomach pain), or “Charlie Swede”.

While the M3 MAAWS provided enhanced effectiveness over other launchers, its 9.5 kg (21 lb) weight burdened troops. Compared to the M3 MAAWS, the M4 is 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) lighter, weighing 6.6 kg (15 lb), and shorter with a 950 mm (37 in) overall length. The shorter length was in response to the need to wield the weapon in urban terrain, and weight savings were achieved through using lighter components whenever possible including a carbon fibre tube with titanium liner, and a new venturi design. Other new features include a red-dot sight, a shot counter to keep track of how many rounds have been fired to manage the weapon’s 1,000-round barrel life.

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