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MBDA Showcases ORCHESTRIKE Collaborative Combat Effectors Solution at Paris Air Show 2023

MBDA Showcases ORCHESTRIKE Collaborative Combat Effectors Solution at Paris Air Show 2023
MBDA Showcases ORCHESTRIKE Collaborative Combat Effectors Solution at Paris Air Show 2023

During the 2023 edition of Paris Air Show, MBDA will be demonstrating its collaborative combat effectors solution, ORCHESTRIKE. For the first time in Europe, an interactive demonstrator will allow military users to immerse themselves in a unique simulated raid using network enabled effectors, linked to each other, reacting live to the developments of a tactical situation. MBDA is actively developing the technologies to deliver collaborative effectors. These involve connectivity, software architecture and algorithms, including Artificial Intelligence with human in the loop. MBDA remains the only European company capable of integrating these technologies into missile systems thanks to decades of expertise.

The ORCHESTRIKE Collaborative Combat Effectors demonstrator at Paris Air Show 2023 embeds spectators in a live simulated raid by connected effectors, which includes glide and powered missiles and expendable Remote Carriers working closely together. The demonstration highlights three essential collaborative functions: pop-up threat avoidance, collaborative targeting, and automatic target reallocation. The demonstrator will also compare real time the operational benefits brought by the pack of collaborative effectors against a pack of unconnected effectors, demonstrating how ORCHESTRIKE makes a difference in the combat space.

Collaborative effectors are missile systems capable of sharing information about the battlespace as they approach targets, coordinating their actions to overmatch adversaries. Collaboration between each element of a pack of effectors delivering surface attack is key to overcoming enemy air defences, enhancing survivability of effectors and increasing efficiency on targets. Packs of collaborative effectors acting as one will constitute an essential part of the “Common Armament Layer” of future combat air systems. ORCHESTRIKE is the MBDA brand for this unique capability.

MBDA is a European multinational developer and manufacturer of missiles. It was created in December 2001 after the merger of the main French, British and Italian missile systems companies; Matra, BAe Dynamics and Alenia. These were previously the missile subsidiaries of Aérospatiale-Matra (merged into EADS, now called Airbus), BAE Systems and Finmeccanica (now Leonardo). The company’s headquarters are located in Le Plessis-Robinson, France. Despite being a European joint venture, MBDA has maintained national divisions since its creation: MBDA France, MBDA UK and MBDA Italy. They were formed by simply grouping in their respective countries the assets and activities of the various French, British and Italian businesses that had merged to create MBDA.

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