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Thales and PT LEN Industri Partner on Indonesian Air Surveillance Radars

Thales and PT LEN Industri Partner on Indonesian Air Surveillance Radars
Thales and PT LEN Industri Partner on Indonesian Air Surveillance Radars
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Thales, a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, has joined forces with PT LEN Industri (Persero), an Indonesian state-owned defense electronics company, to bolster Indonesia’s sovereign airspace protection capabilities. The collaboration, announced on June 19, 2023, at the Paris Air Show, will see the delivery of 13 Ground Master 400 Alpha long-range air surveillance radars and the associated Command and Control system (SkyView) to PT LEN. With the increasing geopolitical tensions and the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a potential threat to airspace sovereignty, the demand for advanced air surveillance solutions has surged. The Thales air surveillance solutions selected by PT LEN will provide a robust defense system, enhancing Indonesia’s ability to protect its airspace and assert its sovereignty. Thales will be responsible for manufacturing the radars and developing the Command and Control solution, while PT LEN will construct the radar stations and handle system installation and integration, including civil works. As part of the agreement, PT LEN will also manufacture certain radar components locally, contributing to the growth of Indonesia’s defense industry and fostering indigenous capabilities.

The Ground Master 400 Alpha radar is renowned for its exceptional performance in detecting threats at long range and low altitude. It offers superior situational awareness, enabling early detection and swift response to potential threats, thereby strengthening the armed forces’ control over Indonesian airspace. The radar’s digital architecture ensures its resilience against evolving threats, including cyber-attacks and electronic warfare tactics. Complementing the radar system, the SkyView Command and Control system is a comprehensive solution that covers vast geographical areas. It facilitates the integration of Indonesian Air Operation Centers at local, regional, and national levels. With the integration of the Ground Master 400 Alpha tactical radars, SkyView provides an accurate 360° air surveillance picture. Once an air threat is detected and identified, the system enables the prompt selection and activation of appropriate countermeasures.

Ground Master 400 Alpha – the latest 3D long-range air surveillance radar
Ground Master 400 Alpha – the latest 3D long-range air surveillance radar. (Photo by Thales)

“Thales is proud to contribute to safeguarding and enhancing the sovereignty of Indonesian airspace. ? Our commitment to Indonesia goes beyond just providing equipment. We are excited to deepen our strategic partnership with PT Len to define a roadmap for Indonesia’s defence modernisation, including the development of an Air national C2 centre as well as local radar MRO activities.” Christophe Salomon, Executive Vice President, Land and Air Systems, Thales said.

“Our working relationship with Thales, which dates back several decades, gives us the confidence that Thales is the right partner to help us drive Defend ID forward. This radar contract is a further testament to our strong partnership and aligned vision to build expertise locally. Through this project, PT Len will be building the next generation of defence engineers in Indonesia.” Bobby RASYIDIN, President Director, PT Len Industri said.

This recent milestone in the partnership between PT LEN and Thales further solidifies their strategic collaboration. In November 2022, the two companies announced the creation of a joint venture focused on local Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) activities for radars in service with the Indonesian Air Force. This joint venture is scheduled to commence operations in early 2024 and will explore additional cooperation opportunities, including radars, Command and Control systems, military satellites, and Combat Management Systems. The acquisition of 13 Ground Master 400 Alpha radars and the SkyView Command and Control system by PT LEN is a significant step towards strengthening Indonesia’s airspace sovereignty. The installation of the airspace protection system across the Indonesian archipelago will provide the country’s armed forces with a comprehensive air picture, integrating the detection of various threats, ranging from aircraft and missiles to hovering helicopters and UAVs. This integrated approach to airspace surveillance contributes to the early detection and mitigation of potential threats. With advanced air surveillance systems in place, Indonesia is well-positioned to safeguard its airspace, detect potential threats early on, and ensure the country’s sovereignty in the face of evolving security challenges.

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