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Rosoboronexport to Exhibit Cutting Edge Naval Equipment and Weapons at 2023 IMDS

Rosoboronexport to Exhibit Cutting Edge Naval Equipment at International Maritime Defense Show
Rosoboronexport to Exhibit Cutting Edge Naval Equipment at International Maritime Defense Show

During the forthcoming 2023 International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS), Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will exhibit and present to international partners the latest Russian naval equipment and coastal zone surveillance and defense systems. The show will be held from June 21 to June 25, 2023 in Kronstadt, St. Petersburg. Rosoboronexport’s exhibit at IMDS reflects the basic needs of today’s market, showing representatives of naval forces from Russia-friendly nations the country’s advanced level of technological and scientific progress. Naval equipment and weapons are among the most sophisticated types of military equipment, and the capability of industrial enterprises to produce them on a full-cycle basis is an important indicator of a country’s development.

Rubez-ME coastal tactical missile system.
Rubez-ME coastal tactical missile system. (Photo by Rosoboronexport)

In 2023, the International Maritime Defense Show will be held for the first time in Kronstadt, a city of Russia’s military glory, where it became possible to combine in a convenient way a display of ships and submarines on the pier and pavilions that accommodate exhibition space and rooms for negotiations. The conditions provided at the show correspond to the high status of the foreign delegations, with the necessary infrastructure built according to all modern requirements. Scale models of the Projects 677E and 636 submarines, the Project 22800E Karakurt-E-class guided-missile corvette, the Project 11356 frigate, the Project 20382 Tigr-class corvette, coastal defense missile systems will be on display at the company’s booth. Surface ships, submarines, support vessels and other boats are berthed in close proximity to the pavilions. Within the framework of the 2023 IMDS business program, Rosoboronexport will hold presentations of Russian products for international partners, and will unveil proposals for industrial cooperation in the field of naval shipbuilding.

Russian Navy Karakurt-class corvette Mytischchi
Russian Navy Karakurt-class corvette Mytischchi. (Photo by Rosoboronexport)

“For years, the maritime show has successfully contributed to the strengthening of friendly ties and fostered open, mutually beneficial sharing of experiences between representatives of leading shipbuilding industry enterprises and consumers of their products. Rosoboronexport is a traditional exhibitor and sponsor of the show, and every time, with great pride for the Russian industry, we introduce to our international partners products of the domestic shipbuilding sector, coastal defense systems and naval weapons. In 2023, Rosoboronexport and Russian enterprises participating in the naval show will demonstrate to visitors surface ships and submarines in service with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Border Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, the Zaslon and Mineral-ME shipborne radar systems and the Rubezh-ME coastal defense missile system,” said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

Kilo-class Project 636 large diesel-electric submarine.
Kilo-class Project 636 large diesel-electric submarine. (Photo by Rosoboronexport)

JSC Rosoboronexport is the sole state intermediary agency for Russia’s exports/imports of defense-related and dual use products, technologies and services. The Rosoboronexport Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) was set up in 2000 by a Decree of the President of Russia and is charged with implementation of the policy of the State in the area of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries. In 2007, the enterprise was re-registered as Rosoboronexport Open joint-stock company (OJSC). In 2011, Rostekhnologii non-profit state corporation acquired 100% of Rosoboronexport OJSC. The official status of Rosoboronexport guarantees the support of the Russian Government in all export operations. The Rosoboronexport State Corporation is exclusively entitled to supply the international market the whole range of Russian armaments officially allowed for export. Rosoboronexport is ranked among the leading operators in the international arms market.

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