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HENSOLDT Presents Its Technologies for Multidomain Missions at Paris Air Show

HENSOLDT Presents Its Technologies for Multidomain Missions at Paris Air Show
HENSOLDT Presents Its Technologies for Multidomain Missions at Paris Air Show

In Paris, the company will show mock-ups of its Twinsens and Twinvis air defence systems as well as the TRML-4D. Interested visitors can see the capabilities of the systems demonstrated in a number of videos. Reliable usability is essential for successful missions. HENSOLDT knows this and presents its simulators and virtual reality solutions for training and maintenance. The simulation solution ALYSA for test benches also supports test scenarios that would not be possible in a flight test, such as system failures or extreme weather conditions. With DAIMSphere, even classified information can be obtained, safely processed and analysed.

HENSOLDT will also show several solutions for the protection of flying platforms. These include the SferiRec product family for flight and mission data recording and management, as well as solutions for the cyber security of data exchange between aircraft and ground, of mission records and during maintenance. The Lygarion data link product family enables secure, high data rate information exchange between flying platforms and between air and ground. These systems are used, among other things, for intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and surveillance or the secure control of platforms and weapons. HENSOLDT’s open source intelligence systems will also be shown in a demo at the booth.

The HENSOLDT Kalætron Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) is an important component of the AMPS self-protection system, alerting the user when the platform has been located by a radar system. In addition to self-protection, the Kalætron RWR also serves as an extremely powerful data collection device for excellent reconnaissance capabilities. The Kalætron RWR is part of the Kalætron product family, which shares the artificial intelligence approach within HENSOLDT electronics. In addition to the joint FCMS stand, HENSOLDT will be showing its contributions to the European joint project Future Combat Mission System in an interactive app at its own booth.

HENSOLDT is a leading company in the European defence industry with global reach. Based in Taufkirchen near Munich, the company develops complete sensor solutions for defence and security applications. As a technology leader, HENSOLDT drives the development of defence electronics and optronics and is continuously expanding its portfolio based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cyber security. With more than 6,500 employees, HENSOLDT achieved a turnover of 1.7 billion euros in 2022. HENSOLDT is listed in the MDAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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