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EXCALIBUR ARMY Harnesses the Power of 3D Printing in Defense Technology

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EXCALIBUR ARMY Harnesses the Power of 3D Printing in Defense Technology
EXCALIBUR ARMY Harnesses the Power of 3D Printing in Defense Technology

EXCALIBUR ARMY (EA), a leading development and manufacturing defense company, has embraced the potential of 3D technology to transform the defense industry. Leveraging 3D printing capabilities for the past three years, the company has witnessed remarkable progress in prototyping, production of functional components, and manufacturing spare parts. With a focus on fast production and cutting-edge materials, EXCALIBUR ARMY is at the forefront of a revolution in defense manufacturing. Equipped with state-of-the-art STRATASYS F120 and FORTUS 450 mc 3D printers, EXCALIBUR ARMY’s development center boasts advanced capabilities. These dual extrusion printers enable efficient management and monitoring of printing tasks from a central office. The first nozzle prints support material, while the second nozzle brings the actual product to life. The printers’ software offers customization options, allowing modifications to supports, print head paths, and material choices, all geared toward achieving specific product properties.

The temperature-controlled print chambers, ranging from 70°C to 200°C, accommodate a variety of materials. EXCALIBUR ARMY primarily utilizes modeling materials such as ASA, ABS-M30, polycarbonates, and ULTEM—a self-extinguishing material widely employed in the aerospace industry. The printed parts exhibit exceptional precision, with an accuracy of ± 0.09 mm or ± 0.0015 mm/mm (depending on part geometry). The printing time varies based on nozzle thickness and product size, ranging from a few hours for simple prints to several days for intricate ones. EXCALIBUR ARMY prioritizes thorough testing to ensure the quality and durability of printed components. Rather than relying solely on simulations, the company conducts real-world testing. For instance, when applying covers to lights, they examine the behavior in different shooting directions. The insights gained from real-world testing, combined with MKP analysis—a methodology for testing components in a digital environment—inform the development of subsequent 3D printed parts. The goal is to achieve materials that meet stringent protection standards, including ballistic and mine protection.

EXCALIBUR ARMY’s 3D printing prowess has yielded practical applications in defense manufacturing. Notable examples include the integrated control of heavy ballistic doors for the Patriot combat vehicle and covers for metal door handles used in extreme temperature conditions. Door covers are already in serial production for RM-70 8×8 rocket launchers. Moreover, the company’s collaboration with the Czech Republic’s technological agency contributes to the development of new materials that enhance national critical infrastructure protection and emergency service equipment. The next decade holds immense promise for 3D printing in the defense industry. EXCALIBUR ARMY anticipates a significant increase in production, with growth projected to reach several percent. This progress not only reinforces the company’s position as an industry leader but also paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in defense manufacturing. With its relentless pursuit of innovation and collaboration, EXCALIBUR ARMY is set to shape the future of military technology.

EXCALIBUR ARMY’s integration of 3D printing technology has brought about a revolution in defense manufacturing. By harnessing the potential of 3D printers and cutting-edge materials, the company achieves fast production, high precision, and durable components. Real-world testing and collaboration with technological agencies ensure the continual improvement of 3D printed parts. As 3D printing gains momentum in the defense industry, EXCALIBUR ARMY’s pioneering efforts position them as trailblazers, shaping the landscape of military technology in the years to come. EXCALIBUR ARMY is a leading Czech trade and production company in the field of military equipment, employing over 500 people in Pardubice and Olomouc regions and regularly surpassing turnovers of 100 million USD. EXCALIBUR ARMY is also one of key brands within CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP, a corporation serving the markets worldwide with the best of Czech and Slovak industrial tradition.

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