The USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) crew successfully demonstrated the fully operational Naval Strike Missile (NSM) for the first time. Using the ship’s integrated combat system, the crew launched the powerful anti-ship cruise missile at a decommissioned ship during Exercise Pacific Griffin.
The USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) crew successfully demonstrated the fully operational Naval Strike Missile (NSM) for the first time.

Kongsberg Receives New Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Order for US Navy

Kongsberg have received an order from Raytheon Missiles & Defense for Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) to the US Navy Over-The-Horizon Weapon System (OTH WS) program worth MNOK 1 345. Raytheon is prime contractor to the US Navy. The order is related to the OTH WS framework agreement announced 31 May 2018. The company have signed orders for MNOK 3 110 under this framework agreement. High resolution imaging infrared seeker provides ATR and precise hitpoint for each ship class. Thrust to weight ratio above 1 and high-g programmable endgame maneuvers provide unsurpassed defence penetration capabilities. The NSM provides superior operational performance and high survivability against all enemy defence systems.

“This is the largest Naval Strike Missiles-order from US Navy so far. This generates jobs and demand for increased production capacity, both for us and our suppliers. As announced at our CMD in June 2022, we have started a significant investment in a new missile production facility that will be finished in June next year,” says Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

Naval Strike Missile (NSM) anti-ship and land-attack missile. (Photo by Kongsberg )

The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) is an anti-ship and land-attack missile developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA). The original Norwegian name was Nytt sjømålsmissil (new sea target missile). The English marketing name Naval Strike Missile was adopted later. According to Kongsberg the NSM/JSM is selected by Norway, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, the United States, Japan, Romania, Canada, Australia and Spain as of 2022. The state-of-the-art design and use of composite materials is meant to give the missile sophisticated stealth capabilities. The missile will weigh slightly more than 400 kg (880 lb) and have a range of more than 185 km (115 mi; 100 nmi). The Joint Strike Missile (JSM) is a multi-role air-launched version of the NSM currently in development.

The Over-The-Horizon Weapon System is a long-range, surface-to-surface missile employed by either the Littoral Combat Ship or the planned guided-missile frigate, intended to engage maritime targets both inside and beyond the firing unit’s radar horizon. The OTH-WS is a stand-alone system consisting of an operator interface console, naval strike missile, and a missile launching system, requiring minimal integration into the host platform. The OTH-WS receives targeting data via tactical communications from combatant platforms or airborne sensors and requires no guidance after launch.