Spanish Army M109 A5 self-propelled howitzer
Spanish Army M109 A5 self-propelled howitzer

Expal Systems Awarded Spanish Army Contract for Supply of 155mm Artillery Ammunition

The Spanish Army has awarded two contracts to Expal Systems for the supply of 155mm artillery ammunition, with a total value exceeding EUR 45 million. The first contract, valued at EUR 6.2 million, Expal Systems will supply the Spanish Army with a smaller quantity of 155mm artillery rounds of an unspecified type. The second contract, worth EUR 40.5 million, is for the delivery of 155mm ER (extended range) artillery ammunition for the M109 A5 self-propelled howitzer operated by the Spanish Army. This version of the ammunition has a range of approximately 40 km. Expal Systems will provide high-performance 155mm projectiles equipped with a bleed base unit, modular charge propulsion, and EC-102 electronic fuze.

Extended Range ammunition seeks to answer to the most demanding requirements of Armed Forces, improving range, effects and safety. This new ammunition, developed in collaboration with the Spanish General Direction of Armament and Materia (DGAM), the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the Logistical Support Command of the Spanish Army (MALE), is an important advance in benefits compared to conventional ammunition by increasing the safety and the effectiveness of the operations; as well as extending the range up to 40km. The development of this extended range ammunition is part of an agreement signed in 2018 between the Spanish Army and EXPAL to supply with munition the 155mm howitzers SIAC 52 caliber and M109A5 39 caliber.

The complete family of EXPAL 155 mm extended range projectiles, from left to right, include smoke, illuminating, and high-explosive versions. (Photo by Expal Systems)

Expal Systems offer a wide portfolio of high-performance munitions following NATO quality standards, including small, medium and large caliber, field and naval artillery, as well as mortar bombs and air armament. the company collaborate with over 60 countries and more than 100 years’ experience and capabilities enable Expal Systems to cover from 5,56 mm up to 155 mm and keep improving these products to meet all kind of missions. Extended Range artillery ammunition seeks to respond to the most demanding requirements of the Armed Forces, increasing range, accuracy, effects and improving safety. The company has developed this technological advanced munition in collaboration with the Spanish Army.

Expal Systems develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains products, systems, and services for the defense and security sectors; weapon systems, munitions and energetic products; applications and technological systems; maintenance services, modernization and integrated logistics support for military vehicles and aircraft systems; as well as demilitarization and EOD services. As MAXAM’s leading Defence Business Unit, EXPAL has over 1,300 employees and 11 production centers spread across Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Belarus, Denmark, and the U.S.