MD Helicopters Cayuse Warrior Plus light scout, reconnaissance and attack helicopter
MD Helicopters Cayuse Warrior Plus light scout, reconnaissance and attack helicopter

Rebranded MD Helicopters Renewing Commitment at 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

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MD Helicopters (MDH) had been bringing its new look and renewed commitment to the 2023 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA) in Nashville last wmonth. The helicopter manufacturer presented display its highly effective armed MD Cayuse Warrior Plus helicopter and hold a leadership introduction event where attendees and media can meet MD’s new leadership and learn about the company’s aggressive goals, positive changes already taking place, and how MDH is strengthening support for the U.S. Army.MD Helicopters (MDH), under new ownership since September 2022, is actively marketing its Cayuse Warrior Plus light scout, reconnaissance and attack helicopter, which it no longer refers to using an MD500/520/530 series designation.

MD Helicopters’ MD Cayuse Warrior Plus is a combat proven tactical scout and light attack aircraft valued for its unmatched power, safety, speed, agility, and unparalleled confined area capabilities. Mission enhancements include sensors, weapons system, hellfire, avionics improvements, armor, and increased power performance. In March, MD Helicopters announced the award of 12 of these aircraft to the Nigerian Army to assist in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations in Nigeria and a production ramp up of these aircraft to meet growing need. While the helicopters supplied to Lebanon have a sensor turret and are sometimes referred to as “Plus” machines, they do not have the same precision weapons capabilities.

MD Helicopters displayed the first example of its highly anticipated armed Cayuse Warrior Plus light scout, reconnaissance and attack helicopter. (Photo by MD Helicopters)

“Our military customers continue to be extremely important to MD Helicopters and we are already strengthening our support for those who serve. Since taking over seven short months ago, our team of deeply experienced leaders have begun bolstering our supply chain, increasing parts availability, and strengthening our service center network. We are dedicated to keeping our military aircraft flying while spooling up production to deliver more advanced, modern aircraft to meet the needs of changing theaters,” said Brad Pedersen, MD Helicopters President and CEO. “.”

The Cayuse Warrior Plus is an all-military helicopter from the ground up, and is much more than a commercial helicopter with military equipment “bolted on”. The latest variant has a new Dillon Aero weapons plank, with hardpoints that can be moved to compensate for changes in the helicopter’s center of gravity and adapt to asymmetric load outs. The Cayuse Warrior Plus incorporates a weapons management system from Moog, in place of the Dillon Aero system used in previous Cayuse Warrior variants, such as those supplied to Afghanistan, Lebanon and Kenya. The Plus mounts an under-nose L3Harris Wescam MX-10D sensor turret that enables the use of precision-guided weapons such as the AGM-114 Hellfire missile and APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System) guided rockets,