MBDA’s Missile Command Post (MCP) and Improved Mission Command Post (IMCP)
MBDA’s Missile Command Post (MCP) and Improved Mission Command Post (IMCP)

MBDA’s Missile Command Post (MCP) and Improved Mission Command Post (IMCP)

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MBDA’s Missile Command Post (MCP) and Improved Mission Command Post (IMCP) systems are designed to provide optimum surveillance, command and control functions for Mistral missile Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) systems. Both equipped with radar for target detection and a powerful computer. Both offer a wide range of operational capabilities such as automatic threat evaluation and prioritisation, target assignment and permanent control of the launchers. MCP and IMCP both provide all necessary functions required for the deployment and engagement of Mistral operational units at troop level that are equipped with Atlas, ALBI or MPCV (Mistral launching systems).

Mistral missile on ATLAS Air Defence Turret. (Photo by MBDA)

MCP and IMCP can both be connected to an upper level of command for networking within a wider air defence architecture. If required, they can also be interconnected thereby enabling a local auto-coordination between several adjacent Mistral units. The system is equipped with a highly accurate X-band radar capable of providing an early warning at up to 30km range and of identifying targets with its integrated IFF. MCP requires just one operator and is capable of simultaneously tracking up to 20 targets while benefitting from a very high level of ECM resistance. IMCP can also detect, identify and simultaneously track up to 200 targets at a range of some 80km.

Mistral missile on ALBI Air Defence Turret. (Photo by MBDA)

IMCP’s outstanding capabilities offer an extremely high level of operational flexibility. It can be operated either from the shelter itself or remotely from a separate Platoon Command Post vehicle. Thanks to its range and accuracy, IMCP can be used in a multi-layer configuration, providing target data for Short/Medium range GBAD units combining both Mistral and VL MICA launchers. The improved missile control post (IMCP) offers the same functions as MCP but is based instead of a state-of-the-art 3-D S-Band radar assembly comprising solid-state technology as well as a number of other cutting edge technology features.

Mistral missile on MPCV (Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle) Air Defence Turret. (Photo by MBDA)

The Missile Transportable Anti-aérien Léger (Mistral, Transportable lightweight anti-air missile) is a French infrared homing short range air defense system manufactured by MBDA France (formerly by Matra Defence and then Matra BAe Dynamics). Mistral is a short-range air defence (SHORAD) missile system that can be used from vehicles, surface ships, and helicopters, as well as in a portable configuration. When used in the MANPADS role the “Mistral” missile is transported in a transport and launch container (MPC) together with “friend or foe” interrogator, power source and tripod with its sighting devices. They are then to be operated by a pair of crew as commander and the shooter.