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MRZR Alpha for Service with United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command

Polaris MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV)
Polaris MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV)

The Polaris Government and Defense’s 4×4 MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicles (LTATVs) are destined for service with United Arab Emirates (UAE) Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which is responsible for the conduct of direct action, special reconnaissance, and military assistance operations across the Middle East and further afield. Janes reported that Polaris was able to confirm the purchase was a direct sale but was unable to comment on the customer, number of vehicles to be delivered, and timelines involved. According to the social media pages of Polaris’ in-country distributor, Specialised Sports Equipment (SSE), employees in the UAE are training to serve the customer prior to delivery of the product.

Agile, compact and full of power, the MRZR Alpha is the newest light tactical vehicle from Polaris Government and Defense, the largest ultralight tactical vehicle provider for the U.S. military, and a division of global powersports leader Polaris Inc. The MRZR Alpha is Polaris’ 11th military vehicle produced in 12 years and it represents the insertion of cutting-edge off-road vehicle technology for ultimate tactical mobility – derived from research and development investments that keep Polaris in front of the highly competitive off-road vehicle market. The MRZR’s light weight and off-road capabilities make it ideal for transport via helicopter and operation in terrain that would otherwise be traversed on foot.

Polaris MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV)
Polaris MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV). (Photo by Polaris Government and Defense)

The payload for the MRZR Alpha two and four-seat variants increases to 1400 and 2000 lbs, respectively, and the range at gross-vehicle weight (GVW) increases to 225 miles for expanded mission flexibility. It is heavy-fuel compatible and can achieve a top speed of over 60 mph to support convoy operations. An expanded off-road profile is made possible with 12 inches of ground clearance at full GVW, high clearance dual A-arm front and rear suspension with payload leveling, and 32-inch, high mobility run-flat tires with bead-lock rims. The MRZR Alpha can be internally transported by V-22, H-47 and larger aircraft by leveraging toolless ROPS and spare tire stowage. External transportation includes H-60 and larger rotary wing lift assets.

Like all Polaris military platforms, the new MRZR Alpha continues a legacy of light tactical military vehicles that are intuitive to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to globally support within an existing worldwide infrastructure of parts distribution and dealer service networks. Polaris will support the MRZR Alpha worldwide as a global company with over 3,500 dealers and products sold to 120 countries. Polaris has been supplying traditional technical and parts manuals along with in-person training to the military for years – and leveraging corporate resources, Polaris can also offer new training opportunities to the military. Polaris designs, engineers and produces its MV850 ATV, MRZR and DAGOR military vehicles in the U.S.

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